Band Mate in the York Gig Guide

Today I was pleased to receive a message from Phil at the York Gig Guide saying that he had added an article about Band Mate to his website. Great stuff! Furthermore there will be an additional mention in the upcoming newsletter.

On the same day I contacted Phil, I also contacted a handful of other music websites with the request that they also mention me. Phil was not only the only person who added an article about Band Mate to their site, but he was the only person who even replied to me!

So, check out the Band Mate article on the York Gig Guide, and while you are at it, have a look at the rest of the York Gig Guide, too.

Fix: Instrument search & browse

I have just fixed bugs in the ‘search by instrument’ & ‘browse by instrument’ parts of the Band Mate site. Previous to this fix, they would sometimes return results that did not match the search criteria, but they are both now working 100%. Sorry to anyone who experienced the fault before I fixed it, it was a silly mistake!

Band Mate officially launches

Yes! The day has come when I can say that Band Mate has officially launched!

I sincerely  hope that musicians from all corners of the UK learn about Band Mate and choose to make use of it. Creating Band Mate has taken me a long time, and there were points where I questioned abandoning it. Quite a lot of them, in fact. However, I persevered, for better or worse, and now I can say that the site is in a fit enough state to be proclaimed as ‘launched’.

Sure, it is still in a beta phase at the moment, but that will be rectified with time and use of the site.

Last week I sent out pre-launch invites, and that was largely an opportunity for me to see what areas of the site were still in need of some work, but in a controlled setting whereby only a select number of users would experience any errors. I am thankful to all those who signed up during the pre-launch phase. I managed to identify a few bugs in the code, and without your participation it might well have taken me longer to spot these issues.

I call upon you once again, and ask that you share the word of Band Mate to people who you feel might be interested or might benefit from the site. Building a site is one thing, but getting people aware of it and using it is another task altogether. This whole concept of simply building a site and people then flocking to it is pure myth. It doesn’t work like that. After launch date there is still a fair degree of work to be done, and word of mouth is one of the most valuable tools in this regard.

So there we go. Band Mate is now launched. What  you waiting for? Get listed on Band Mate today!

Soundcloud tracks on Band Mate

Yes, that’s right. You can now embed tracks from your Soundcloud account in your Band Mate profile page!

To do this, simply log in, make your way to your ‘edit profile’ page, click the ‘tracks’ tab at the top of the page and then enter the URLs of up to five tracks you want embedded into your Band Mate profile page. What could be easier?

But seriously, Soundcloud is a very cool, very popular site, and to be able to add tracks that are on that site into Band Mate is a massive win, and I hope it will please many users.

So don’t surf in silence, get listening to the awesome talent of the Band Mate users today!

Pre-launch invites sent

Yesterday I sent out some invitations to sign up to Band Mate. I should mention that the site doesn’t operate on an invitation basis, but since I haven’t yet promoted the site, no-one really knew about it. So to kick things off I asked a few friends to get on-board, and I was very pleased to see a good number of them do exactly that!

Things are getting a little more serious now. All the hours of development are finally drawing to an end (for this version of the site, at least), and I am starting to see real people using the site, which is a very gratifying experience indeed!

The pre-launch was all about getting some people using the site to get some last minute feedback and as a chance for me to see how well it performed in a limited live setting. Luckily there were only a couple of errors, and they were quickly fixed!

Thanks to everyone who took the time to sign up and be amongst the first users of Band Mate. You are the best!

Special thanks goes to a certain someone who put in an extra special effort to help me get those initial users on the site, and has been there supporting me with this site from the beginning. She knows who she is, but I want to repeat that I really appreciate all that she has done to help me out. Thanks bud!