Finally updated the blog theme

It’s taken me ages to get around to it, but I have finally integrated the design of the Band Mate website into the blog. It needed doing badly. One reason being that when you were in the blog section, there was no navigation bar to get you back to other areas of the site!

I will tweak it a little more to refine the bits I’m not so happy with, but for now I’m going to sit back and have a cup of tea.

Jam with your buddies in Chrome

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve updated this blog. Longer than I realised.

Well, today I break my silence and write to tell you about a new tool from Google called JAM. This is a pretty neat app that allows you to jam with your friends online! It has a good range of instruments, and each instrument has ‘easy’ and ‘pro’ settings, so you can adjust to your preference. There is also a bank of pre-made loops for every instrument, so it’s easy to just click and go!

To use JAM, simply head over to Make sure you are using Chrome as your browser, though.

Rocking out with a funky guitar in Google JAM

Rocking out with a funky guitar in Google JAM