Band Mate becomes responsive

Yes…Band Mate has become a responsive site! This is good news for any users of mobile or tablet devices as the site will scale to fit your screen.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design

I’ll still be doing some tweaks to the code over the coming days, as I think there are still improvements to be made. However, the majority of the conversion to a responsive site is now complete.

Yay for the wonders of the internet!

Server up-time

Excellent…the server migration is now complete. Band Mate is running smoothly on the new server now, and all should be well and good!

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank my friend (who shall remain unnamed) for hosting this site on his server and helping me with some of the migration issues. It is much appreciated. Kudos to you, friend of mine!

Server down-time

Band Mate is switching to a new server and will experience some down-time as a result. I expect the server to be down from Monday 4th February, and could stay down for between 1 and 48 hours (depending on DNS). Sorry, this cannot be avoided and will only be a temporary disturbance. Thanks for your patience!