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Location: Blaengarw, Bridgend CF32 8AW, UK
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Musician Available
Description: I am a songwriter, sound engineer and multi-instrumentalist from South Wales. I've been working with music either side of the mixing desk and on stage since I was a kid. Stylistically, I'm pretty eclectic, enjoying genres such as metal, prog, classical, jazz, rock, dub and IDM. So long as it's passionate, original and creative, I'm into it. Though I'm very much influenced by certain artists, I like to think that I've developed my own identity. I'm currently looking for a band to make beautiful/horrible music with as a vocalist. I'm very comfortable throwing myself around a stage like a psychopath and can contribute to the songwriting and production processes too.
Location: Heol-Y-Coed Rise, Bridgend CF31 2QD, UK
Joined: 16th Jul 2016
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TagsVocalist, frontman, producer, songwriter, eclectic

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Musician Wanted
Description: I am looking for creative musicians for an original band. I have the urge to yell down the microphone like an idiot and I need some likeminded individuals to help me get my fix ;) Please check out my profile for more info and examples of my previous work.
Location: Heol-Y-Coed Rise, Bridgend CF31 2QD, UK
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Posted: 1 year ago by Tallerthanwater
Tagsvocalist, eclectic, sound, engineer, songwriter