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Musician Wanted
Description: I'm a Blues Rock songwriter and guitarist based in Conwy, North Wales, UK.
Location: Conwy LL32 8RE, UK
Joined: 9th Oct 2012
Active: 1 year ago
TagsBlues, Rock, Classic, Rock
Musician Wanted
Description: Greetings all. I am from north wales abd hope to start a qelsh heavy metal band. Emphasis on metal NOT CORE NOR POP. I particularly have intrest in starting a black metal/celtic metal band. I play bass and have decent enough vocals. Atm this is just for fun.but I wish to get a few dongs out and do a few gigs
Location: Old Colwyn, Conwy LL29 9SU, UK
Joined: 28th Jul 2014
Active: 3 years ago

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