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Musician Available
Description: I have been playing the guitar for about 5 years and although i have little band experience and no gigging experience want to get into the game :) I have all the gear i would need to gig however no real transport form at the moment. I am a university student also which does take up much of my time.
Location: Poole BH15 3AU, UK
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Location: Poole, Poole, Poole BH14, UK
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Location: Shillito Rd, Poole BH12 2BN, UK
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Musician Wanted
Description: Guitarist looking to start a blues covers band - BB King, Gary Moore, SRV, Eric Clapton, Joe Bonamassa etc. I'm in another band playing pub classics but my heart is in blues. I would be aiming to gig once or twice a month. I would like the band to consist of a minimum of guitar, bass, drums, keys and vocals. I'm looking for someone who can play keys to a good standard and comfortable to take solos etc.
Location: Livingstone Rd, Poole BH12 3AH, UK
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Here are the 3 results that are within Poole, Dorset

Musician Wanted
Description: Established rock n roll band looking for a lead/Rythm guitarist for gigging
Location: Shillito Rd, Poole BH12 2BN, UK
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Posted: 10 months ago by Martin prpich
Band Wanted
Description: We are a rock band based on the South Coast of the U.K looking for a hard hitting dedicated front man to fill the shoes of our original singer. Huge Opportunity. Applicants must be/have *Incredible Stage Presence *Original & accomplished Vocals *Dedication & Commitment to the band *Charisma and the hunger to enjoy every aspect of band life Due to the current circumstances which are out of our control we can not show any of our releases as examples on this advert. However, please don't let this deter you from applying. Please send your name and examples of your work to: [email protected] We look forward to hearing from you! Thanks!
Location: Poole, Poole, Poole BH14, UK
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Posted: 2 years ago by Liveloud01
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Musician Available
Description: I am a guitarist of about 5 years wanting to get my first band experience.
Location: Poole BH15 3AU, UK
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Posted: 4 years ago by j0n5150
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