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Location: Cirencester GL7 1GP, UK
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Band Wanted
Description: seven piece covers band. 3 tier keys,lead guitar, bass guitar, rhythm guitar/ lead male vox, two female lead vox, drums. Huge eclectic set list. Much in demand in the Cotswold area
Location: Barnsley, Cirencester GL7 5EL, UK
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Here is the 1 result that is within Cirencester, Gloucestershire

Band Wanted
Description: We need to find a highly versatile lead guitarist to slot in to our seven piece covers band. large set list, many genres. Any age but must be competent with good gear. We work mostly around the Cotswold area and the majority of are gigs are for the well to do including the race horse training clique, and we do a lot of marquee stuff. We do what we do for the love of making live music and making people happy and though we get fairly well renumerated, you won't make a living from signing up, as the cash has to go eight ways( pro sound monkeys don't come cheap.) We are a really friendy, fun loving, bunch of musos. No egocentrics or divas need apply
Location: Barnsley, Cirencester GL7 5EL, UK
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Posted: 9 months ago by sionvox