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Band Wanted
Description: East London Punk Band Storm The Gates is seeking new guitarists. Must be committed, creative, reliable, able to rehearse in Debden on a weekly/fortnightly basis (depending on our Drummer's work schedule), easy going yet determined and reasonably competent on the guitar (we're not looking for the next Jimi Hendrix, but experience is preferred). Storm The Gates is a relatively new band of mixed age group (late 20s upwards) and perform a mixture of originals and covers (roughly an 80/20 split depending on how long we're playing) with a decent following. We previously were a one guitar line-up but would like to go twin axel. We're a committed yer laid back bunch who like to have fun but strive to be the best we can and put on the best show we can. Currently, we have Bass, Drums and Frontman. If interested then please get in contact either through here or by emaiing [email protected]
Location: Ilford IG1 2FH, UK
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Posted: 9 months ago by StormTheGates