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Musician Wanted
Description: I've been playing guitar and writing songs for a number of years and have reached the point where it would be good to get other people involved in the process. It would be great to connect with a few people, collaborate and bounce ideas off each other with the view to forming a band and playing some gigs. Likewise if anyone is looking for a guitarist to collaborate or gig with then I'd be interested.
Location: Surbiton, Surbiton, Greater London KT6 7TL, UK
Joined: 10th Feb 2015
Active: 2 years ago
Musician Available
Description: Hi! I'm a twenty-something singer-songwriter (not professional) keen to find a musician with a similar taste in music and an open mind to jam and perform with. Surbiton/Kingston-based. Have always wanted to be in a band, reaching out now for the first time! Main influences lie in Indie/Alternative, Psychedelia, 60s, some Rock - also partial to some Electronic, Hip Hop/Trip Hop here and there. Would love to hear from you :)
Location: Cranes Park Ave, Surbiton KT5 8BY, UK
Joined: 16th Oct 2016
Active: 1 year ago
TagsIndie, Rock
Musician Available
Description: Hi, I'm a dad looking to jam on guitar and play the stuff of my youth like the Smiths, U2, Nirvana, REM.
Location: Berrylands, Surbiton KT5 8JX, UK
Joined: 22nd Jan 2017
Active: 10 months ago

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