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Location: Stephenson Way, Bourne PE10 9DA, UK
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Musician Available
Description: Hi. I have been a musician for a number of years mainly playing guitar. I am just learning piano (self teaching) and play Uke. I am looking to join or form a band/duo etc.
Location: Wheelwright Cl, Morton, Bourne PE10 0XQ, UK
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Here is the 1 result that is within Bourne, Lincolnshire

Musician Wanted
Description: We’re currently looking for a talented vocalist to join an up and coming function band with the possibility to gig 50+ times a year. Must be willing to work weekends with the hope of some mid-week gigs. I work for one of the top music agencies in the UK and have a unique position to start this band. I can create us a profile that will reach hundreds of thousands of people across the UK who are looking for a live band to perform at their events. As soon as we have a solid line up we’ll be able to start on promotional material immediately with the investment of the company. Another band member also has access to a local college’s music department for studio sessions and free rehearsal spaces; perfect to practise and build a repertoire with. If you’re interested in working with a professional function band then please get in touch detailing some information about yourself for us to consider; samples of you signing - mp3s, soundcloud, youtube video etc.
Location: Stephenson Way, Bourne PE10 9DA, UK
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Posted: 9 months ago by SamuelCB