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Musician Available
Description: Experienced player
Location: Guisborough, Redcar and Cleveland TS14 8LT, UK
Joined: 25th Nov 2012
Active: 4 years ago
Musician Wanted
Description: Hello everyone I'm interested in recruiting musicians who would like to be paid for one off gigs or something more regular without the full commitment of being in a band dynamic. I'm especially interested in hearing from musicians who play solo melodic instruments, or instruments you'd not normally hear in a standard four or five piece band, I'm also interested in hiring drummers who can play along to live music and to a click. The act is primarily upbeat covers - full arrangements can be provided - but also room for improvisation and allowance for you to enjoy and express yourself.
Location: Guisborough, Redcar and Cleveland TS14 6AH, UK
Joined: 25th Jun 2014
Active: 3 years ago

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