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Location: Alexandra Rd, Aldershot, Hampshire GU11 1QN, Regno Unito
Joined: 29th Feb 2016
Active: 1 year ago
Band Wanted
Description: We are a hard working Rock Covers Band looking for a guitarist (Or two if it fits) Our ages are between 38- 50 (Drums, Bass & Vox) We cover stuff by: Foos, ACDC, Motorhead, Sabbath, Queen, GNR, The Osmonds etc..... We try to put our own spin on everything we do
Location: Aldershot, Aldershot, Hampshire GU12 4FQ, UK
Joined: 31st Aug 2015
Active: 2 years ago
TagsRock, Classic, Rock, Hard, rock
Location: Ash Vale, Aldershot, Surrey GU12 5AS, UK
Joined: 11th Sep 2015
Active: 2 years ago
Musician Available
Description: I'm a pop-punk inspired bassist from Aldershot looking to join a band or maybe form one. My main inspirations are blink-182 and All Time Low. I have experience gigging. I can also do backing vocals. If you're interested email me at [email protected]
Location: Clarence Cl, Aldershot GU12 4RW, UK
Joined: 26th Mar 2017
Active: 9 months ago
Location: Station Rd, Aldershot GU11 1BA, UK
Joined: 4th Sep 2017
Active: 3 months ago

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