Band Mate - Profiles in Berkshire All of the latest Band Mate profiles, brought to you quickly and easily. Third Lung FireJack Hi, we're FireJack (originally Copper Garden) and we're a 5 piece original hard rock band based around Reading and Surrey area. Main influences include Guns n Roses, Led Zep, Metallica, etc. In the last 2 years we've been gigging a lot around London, Berkshire and Surrey, had a fair amount of radio airplay and reached the final of metal 2 the masses. We're now looking for a new singer/frontman as our guy will be leaving us shortly (moving away), you can check us out at and if you like what you hear then give us a shout. Cheers. Lukerutland WillHowse Benji nsoderi Hi everyone, We are a new band with positive and good attitude composed of young lads from 30 to 40's all with our families, full time jobs and a lot of musical and band experience in studio/stage. We are all with 15+ years of experience playing at a professional level and commited to give our best with lots of fun and respect. NO STRESS OR EGO WASTERS :) We are all from Surre, Berkshire and London. Spookus GR22 Brendan77 LegateNaarifin DelNegro25 Ashamedly I got into music very late in life, sixteen to be exact, but now I am sure I want to dedicate the rest of my life to it. Looking for people who are passionate about creating music as well as listening to it, don't bother contacting me if you're just in it for the sex and drugs or to show off how well you can play an instrument: some things are more important than talent. Wayoutradio Olivia101 Custard Cream Reg Charles