Band Mate - Profiles in Cambridgeshire All of the latest Band Mate profiles, brought to you quickly and easily. Mleftly Hi My names Martin and I'm a singer/ song writer and music is my passion. I play guitar but not tight. I'm looking to either join a band as vocalist and implement some off my own songs (also I love doing covers) or just a jam to create some beautiful music. My styles are pop, country, r n b and soft rock. I'm very open to ideas and just love doing our magic with the music. If I interest you please let me know. Roni1234365 GFord Becky1211 rosie.giesler JoVocalist Hiya, I'm a singer from Peterborough that has done a range of styles including solo, duo and band work, I have done different vocal styles, easy listening, chilled laid back vibes, 50's/60's specific, 90's etc. I'm looking to see what opportunites thete are out there since my band split up in November as I prefer being with people as oppose to solo work. Looking for like-minded musicians that want to have fun, get out there performing and enjoying music. joe.large JDrums Hey! I am a 19 year old drummer who would love to find a band within my area. Mainly listen and play Avenged Sevenfold but have no problems changing that. Currently living in Luton for university with my home town being St Neots. New to the band game, so I haven't got any gig experience but I am intent on joining a band and helping it grow. Current areas for improvement - Double bass speed and consistency, gaining left hand and left foot total independence. davewag DRUMMER Funp For me, It's about music not fame or money. I just want to find some musicians to jam with for fun. I play double bass, acoustic guitar, percussion, and any sampled instruments on ableton Push and Maschine. I like to play anything that’s got soul & rhythm. mlev13 Professorben Nick Bru13 I'm a 19 year old Lead/Rhythm Guitarist looking for a dedicated band to join. I have some experience gigging and recording but look forward to gaining more in the future. I'm up for originals and/or covers, just as long as we're doing gigs! I'm interested in any genres but preferable Indie Rock/Rock... Metal or Blues sounds good to me too! Contact me on: 07562952188 Or: