Band Mate - Profiles in Cheshire All of the latest Band Mate profiles, brought to you quickly and easily. ellemusic timusic2 Experienced gigging guitarist and keyboard player. Extensive career in both recording and live performance. Lots of high quality gear and own transport. Now seeking to form and new band or join an established one. Based in Warrington. Sirrahyrrab matt777- 16 - male I've been playing bass for around 8 months as of July 2017 I'm interested in joining a metal (thrash and heavy) and or rock band. I'm looking for dedicated musicians who are passionate about music. I may not be the best bass player but I try to practise everyday and I'm really motivated to improve. My current gear is quite cheap but should hold up ( I hope to upgrade soon) Additional note- I play both with fingers and a pick depending on what tone I want (I can also slap but I can't see myself doing it often) ReeceT JimboBeamish Recently started playing bass, looking for locals to practice, jam and learn to perform with. Will consider all genres, I generally practice rock, funk, pop, soul but happy to go heavier too. Have all my own gear and transport. AdamBass pablodiablo Tight experienced covers outfit newly reformed need a dynamic front person vocalist (pref plays rhythm git) for immediate w/london rehearsal sesh's. Call: 07928 421316 Email Paul at: emmaxmurphy JayJay rogero78 Amy Rose Hi I'm Amy Rose 26 from Manchester. I've been playing alto saxophone for 15 years (my main instrument) and piano for 10 years. After a few years break from music recently I've started to get back into playing especially my sax- I want to team with other musicians to perform music again! I have a wide range of experience performing solo in pubs and clubs, I've been in orchestras and big bands, jazz ensembles, rock and roll bands with my sax. I'm not liking for any really specific, just want to see who's out there who's willing to jam with me!! The genres of music I love to play on the sax broadly are: swing, blues, soul, pop, electropop, r'n'b, dance, hip hop, folk. And on piano, I love to play classical, pop, and ragtime. My favourite genres of music I love are pop and it's many sub genres, r'n'b, alternative rock, hip hop and dance..I absolutely love strings! Please do get in touch if I sound like someone you want to jam with, also I would love to be in a cover band xx Email: trolley Been playing for 46 years & in bands all around the country. Ideally I'd like enough hair for a hair metal band - but any decent rock music would do! TheGreatBigMouth Livo