Band Mate - Profiles in Greater London All of the latest Band Mate profiles, brought to you quickly and easily. Definitely_not_Yngwie MusikBee BigManBailey Audible Frequency The Band Looking for serious committed Keys Player & Bass Player for gigging Rock, Pop & Rock Pub/function band Benwoods83 I am a singer and guitar player. Been playing on and off for 7 years. Never played in a band but I've reached the point where I think im ready to explore that avenue. My main interest musicly are artists like Stevie ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix, John Mayer and all the old blues legends like BB King, Albert King etc. But I am open to anything that's not too heavy. I can play guitar but really should practice more so I'm hoping a band may push me to really focus on that. I'd like to be around other musicians that can push me to improve. I consider myself a good singer and probably a better singer than guitar player. I also do a lot of private Luthier work so free setups and fret polishes!!!! I also have experience in DAW software and own Reaper and FL studio and am reasonably competent in recording. I own studio condenser mics and dynamic performance mics too. I also like to write songs and have been writing in one form or another for 18 years Reptile83 Trichila Traditional heavy metal band with Adam on vocals and guitar and Vijay on guitar and backing vocals, looking for a bassist who can do backing vocals and a drummer in the Leytonstone area Domantas Simon a Rebecca Negroramon I am a professional musician, flutist, percussionist and singer as well as producer and composer. cjpa Busney Triggerfish High energy covers band, we will get you on the dance floor with our repertoire of hits from the 60's through to today. We play pubs, clubs and private parties and are looking for gigs! daisyed kind of quirky, kind of funky drama student who loves anything musical. currently in the process of starting up my own band but looking for experience in others.