Band Mate - Profiles in South Yorkshire All of the latest Band Mate profiles, brought to you quickly and easily. Tazbob keith bellis andrewdean1234 Morganmatwychuk I am 17 and want to start a band. Genre preferably heavy, metalcore based. Looking for people around 15-19 I scream but currently cannot do highs and cleans very well, lows and mids are good. I don't own a equipment so starting from scratch. Hit me up if you wanna start a band around swansea. MorganRP becsimpson sophieofparamore Hey! Im 15 and really want to start a band! Im from Swansea Wales, mainly into bands like Paramore (My fave), P!ATD, FOB etc. JamesMooreDrums 21 year old Drummer of 11 years searching for Rock/Punk/Metal band. Currently part of 2 bands but wanting to leave one and join a different band. TheLashes Lead Female Vocalist with many years clubbing experience, own transport. 36 from Wath. bribasse Totally committed to gigging wherever & whenever, very experienced & comfortable with most styles of music, if the band feels good, i'm happy. theskylines Ciaran Moran I'm a singer songwriter and (sort of) guitar player. I mostly dabble with the acoustic guitar. I've been playing for two years so I'm a little ok at it, my books are filled with stories, poems and lyrics that I've been writing (more poetry really) I have wrote a few full songs with guitar chords included but they're only stupid 14 year old fantasy songs so they aren't that good to be honest. If you need to know anything else about me just message me I'll get back to you. LPjnr Olivia_kneath Singer/songwriter play acoustic guitar & ukulele JMorewood