Band Mate - Profiles in West Sussex All of the latest Band Mate profiles, brought to you quickly and easily. oily Abbiehwilliams Daniel79 Bassmurf I have been in various covers/original bands over the years and am a rounded, experienced player. I am currently playing in a local well known band but variety is the spice of life so am looking for a Rock covers band to join. Don't mind playing a bit of pop or funk either! Deanl1991 ademartin fraggle R-Rabbit clogold666 RayLever mazekidbeats im 23 years old and looking to start a new band or join a band. I'm a producer, i produce all sorts of Genres,. I don't have any band experience as i have never joined one but I do like to start gigging and meeting new people at open mics petty_hollie I'm 19 years old and looking to start a band or even join a band. I'm a singer, I don't play any instruments sadly, don't mind being head girl or back in vocals. I don't have any band experience but I do sing at open mics along side acoustic. I am more then happy to sing anything with a good beat, but I'm more interested in Classic rock, Country or Modern stuff. RichLesPaul Bryn Mead I am an aspiring songwriter looking for other songwriters with a similar taste of folky soulful music id like the band to be made up of at least 5 people a mandolin player, a drummer or drum box player a bassist and a vocalist I play guitar and sing but am not confident in my voice hence the reason for another vocalist if this sounds like something you would like to do please contact me Bassguitar1958