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Band Wanted
Description: Drummer wanted for Progressive Hard Rock Band. We are a Guitarist/Vocalist (songwriter) and Bassist aged 23-24 searching for an experienced/talented drummer for a new band. Influences include King Crimson, Coheed and Cambria, Queens of The Stone Age and Porcupine Tree. Think big riffs, grooves and odd time sigs. We have a couple of songs written and a large collection of incomplete but promising (we think!) ideas that need jamming, recording (did I mention our guitarist has a studio at his disposal? I did? good...) and gigging and doing that without a drummer is kinda difficult. This however is where you come in! You must be: - able to rehearse in London Bridge area - incredibly comfortable with odd time signatures (and we mean odd. see link for what we're on about) - reasonably experienced in a band environment Sound good? then see below links for what we sound like. If the tunes seem like music to your ears (ahem...) then we'd love to hear from you. Tom/Chris
Location: London SE9 1UF, UK
Joined: 11th Jul 2014
Active: 3 years ago
TagsRock, Rock, Groove, Time, Signatures
Musician Available
Description: Hey what's up. My name's Leo and Im a 21 y/o student looking to get some material out there. Im mainly interested in having a go at vocals (small experience, but im still up for creating my own art regardless. I've been told I've got a not-bad voice and I can comfortably sing along to all sorts of genres - indie, melodic metal vocals, acoustic, etc). I dabble on guitar, and if I was to produce my own stuff on guitar it'd have to be part of an acoustic project. My main strength is in composition, which seems flow naturally once I've got an idea for my lyrics, and my actual lyric-writing process. I don't put pen to paper unless I have genuine sense of passion for the issue I am discussing, I'll be truthfully honest, I can get emotionally touched when it comes to meaningful lyrics and music, so I'm looking to get involved with guys/gals of a similar passion! So if you're local, and it sounds like I might fit the bill and you wanna give me a shot by all means hit me up, I'll get back to you pronto and we can go melt peoples' faces with my emotion and your talent. Leggo!
Location: Benfleet, Essex SS7 1SE, UK
Joined: 12th Apr 2014
Active: 3 years ago
TagsVocalist, Acoustic, Groove, Djent, Melodic
Musician Wanted
Description: I'm a bassist in Leicester, currently active in three projects; Twisted Fate, Metal Artois and Dedbeats. My previous projects, to name a few, have been Loves Sinister Choir, Cloned Spirit, Prophets of Saturn and Burnin Paradise. I'm very musically open minded I've just generally ended up playing more alternative styles of music.
Location: Leicester LE3 5FD, UK
Joined: 13th Dec 2012
Active: 4 years ago
TagsRock, Grunge, Bassist, Metal, Groove

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Musician Wanted
Description: Capital Vibe is a Blues Rock band inspired by heavy groove and funk – the kind of music that gets your whole body moving and gets feet up to the dance floor. We are currently offering the exciting opportunity for the right bassist to join the band. The bassist should be dedicated and enthusiastic, but also have a talent in several styles and bass techniques (including slap, walking bass and groove). The right bassist will be able to pick up current material quickly, but also add their own flavour to the songs to bring in their personality and style. They will be welcomed on board and will be encouraged to participate in both a high standard of performance and also given chances to collaborate in writing and structuring new material. Owning your own equipment shall be seen as a necessity, but no gear snobbery will be apparent (if it sounds good and you play it well – who are we to argue?). Transport is considered an advantage, but not essential. Apply for your audition today!
Location: Birmingham, West Midlands B19 3SN, UK
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Posted: 3 years ago by CapitalVibe
TagsBassist, Groove, Blues, Rock, Funk