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Band Wanted
Description: We are looking for an imaginative bass player to join our band. In terms of sound we class ourselves as a breakbeat band as there is no drummer just classic drum breaks. You can hear three of the tracks here... We try to get together once a week (that's Ben the singer and me Paul – keyboards and loops) and will aim to gig sometime next year and maybe go in to a studio for a few recording sessions. We absolutely want the bass player to be a third of the writing process. Ideally we'd like start by listening to bass overdubs on the tracks (they can be downloaded) to get an idea of style. Recording quality is not important i.e. a recording app on a phone would be good enough and then take it from there. This is all about the enjoyment of getting your creative kick on! Cheers
Location: Portishead BS20 7PP, UK
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Posted: 2 years ago by Paul_Stems
Tagsbass, breakbeat, loops, pop