Band Mate - Newest Profiles All of the latest Band Mate profiles, brought to you quickly and easily. Foolami2019 We are a Manchester based 3 piece that are auditioning for a singer. We have worked together for over 15 years, and have a wealth of music ready to be lyricised and a good laid back attitude, while still being focused on making new. and improving on our songs. Drummer1970 dancetheblues Luliya2211 McVicar McVicar are a well established and successful covers band based in Hertfordshire. Playing a wide range of genres and songs to suit all ages and tastes, we pride ourselves on our musicianship and energy. We're looking for an energetic front man to join the band and step into our busy schedule of gigs for 2019. If you play rhythm guitar that would be a bonus! However, we would far prefer somebody to focus on singing and entertaining the crowd. Check out our website for further info - Eddie EddieVeign jamieOM72 zendude I am a rock singer with lots of experience. I am looking for projects or band. I currently have an album out under the name Dumb Martian. This was a recording project made up of two people which is now completed. I am looking for something relaxed. I play guitar but would just like to go back to singing. Go here for tracks I sing on Wish to be Standing Catch What is Mine Just so you can win and all the other heavy parts of the songs. For a heavier sound go to I sing on all tracks Anastasia Miharaman HangEmHigh York based hard-rock covers band. We’ve been together about a year, but our singer is emigrating so we are recruiting. Hoping we can start gigging soon! Reddemo Neil Ariella Singer, Songwriter,