Band Mate - Newest Profiles All of the latest Band Mate profiles, brought to you quickly and easily. joel_mcduff MOD looking for musicians to start a band. Been playing guitar for about 4 years now and singing for about 2. Jennifereight Singer looking to join/start a band... Instagram jennifercowanmusic Feel free to ask me anything. Regiynot Damned tribute band AlexRyne 24 year old, looking to form a serious band with the goal to aim high. Really high! A live show is the key to success. If you are the type of person that wants your band to be "The Band", contact me so we can show this world what we're capable of. If you know what kind of live show The Prodigy and Papa Roach deliver, that's what I want our band to be. Some bands use pyro on their live shows, I want WE to be the pyro and our music to be the explosion. Email: Ian925 Hi, I'm a songwriter. I can sing well, well enough to get my ideas across anyway, but cannot play an instrument. I'm particularly strong with lyrics and melody. I've some great ideas rolling around in my head. Seek collaboration with local musicians. Some rough vocal onlys on JayK Male, getting on, 58, need to get back on it, 10 years absent from gigging, need like minded, practise, more practise, gig, write & enjoy the buzz again. Rhythm guitar, some lead and vocals Emmo JimmyMerlyn Good vocalist, can front for a band. Can play Keyboards but not a Rick Wakeman, chrishawkins51 SEASONED DRUMMER WITH LOADS OF EXPERIENCE PLAYING IN BIG BANDS, PIANO JAZZ TRIOS,FUNCTION BANDS SOUL/POP BANDS ETC. TheOtherBand Originally a 4 piece playing blues, country and Americana, we have recently lost our harmonica player (very careless) and may well seek a local replacement. 043n516h7 Testykal SeanT01 Mattcheeseworth1994 I'm Matt Cheeseworth I would be interested in playing with other musicians or singers.I can play lead guitar or rhythm and I can sing.Here is an old ep of short demos I made I write alot of pop punk lyrics inspired by old fallout boy ect but I write the guitars as if it's a shred mental band as I feel it sets my music apart from most pop punk and rock bands. My song writing and singing has improve a lot since recording the ep. Here is a song idea I put up on instagram a few days ago I think the singing has improved and here is a slower song idea also for instagram It would be cool to get experience playing gigs and with other people.I'm down to write and play original songs or do covers and willing to do whatever roll is needed of me whether it be to sing or just play guitar. Thanks for your time Matt Spooge