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Musician Available
Description: Guitarist looking to join hardcore punk rock outfit. Committed and available.
Location: Elm Grove, Hyde SK14 2SD, UK
Joined: 8th Aug 2016
Active: 1 year ago
TagsPunk, rock, guitarist
Musician Available
Description: Hi I'm Amy Rose 26 from Manchester. I've been playing alto saxophone for 15 years (my main instrument) and piano for 10 years. After a few years break from music recently I've started to get back into playing especially my sax- I want to team with other musicians to perform music again! I have a wide range of experience performing solo in pubs and clubs, I've been in orchestras and big bands, jazz ensembles, rock and roll bands with my sax. I'm not liking for any really specific, just want to see who's out there who's willing to jam with me!! The genres of music I love to play on the sax broadly are: swing, blues, soul, pop, electropop, r'n'b, dance, hip hop, folk. And on piano, I love to play classical, pop, and ragtime. My favourite genres of music I love are pop and it's many sub genres, r'n'b, alternative rock, hip hop and dance..I absolutely love strings! Please do get in touch if I sound like someone you want to jam with, also I would love to be in a cover band xx Email: [email protected]
Location: Lodge Ln, Hyde SK14 4JX, UK
Joined: 2nd Dec 2016
Active: 1 year ago

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