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Location: Methil, Fife KY8 3EW, UK
Joined: 16th Aug 2014
Active: 3 years ago
Band Wanted
Description: We are the strange. We pluck our eyebrows, powder our faces, sip tea from bone china plates. We chop our hair, wear cowhide shoes and perfume for our beloved ruse. We feed our babies with seven african cows, we swap metal pieces for our houses. We eat our intricate meals with lust and gorge ourselves with sugarlumps. We are the strange. ....................................... I started writing again in May 2016 after a 12 year hiatus and had a 4 year hiatus before that. Trying to get my feet back on the ground after working through levels of anxiety and depression and the death of David Bowie convinced me to get back on my feet and get therapy. I started vocal training last May and am still learning :D A year on now and it's so, so good to be back. Got 3-4 people together now, just need a rhythm and lead guitarist! Apply within..
Location: Alexandra Rd, Oxford OX2 0DB, UK
Joined: 21st Apr 2017
Active: 5 months ago
Location: Hamsterley, Bishop Auckland DL13 3PP, UK
Joined: 19th Jan 2017
Active: 8 months ago
Location: London SE12 9HD, UK
Joined: 10th Jun 2015
Active: 2 years ago
Location: Tintern Ave, Southend-on-Sea, Westcliff-on-Sea SS0 9QJ, UK
Joined: 30th Oct 2016
Active: 11 months ago