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Band Mate has been created to allow UK musicians to connect with each other. Find musicians in your area, join up with other site members for jams or gigs. Join a band. Create listings and profiles. Follow other musicians. Send them private messages. Comment on user profiles and listings. Make friends and have fun with musicians in your area! That's what Band Mate is all about.

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Location: Eade Cl, Newton Aycliffe DL5 7QQ, UK
Joined: 8th Dec 2016
Active: 3 hours ago
Location: Wilmington Rd, Hastings TN34 2BT, UK
Joined: 7th Dec 2016
Active: 1 day ago
Location: Bognor Regis PO22 8GJ, UK
Joined: 5th Dec 2016
Active: 3 days ago
Location: Beresford Rd, Harringay, London N8 0AJ, UK
Joined: 5th Dec 2016
Active: 3 days ago
Band Wanted
Description: Sludge metal band with some prog influences seeking a vocalist. Any gender and style considered, we're looking for a person who is easy going and creative.
Location: Finsbury Park Rd, London N4 2JU, UK
Joined: 4th Dec 2016
Active: 4 days ago
Location: Victoria Rd, London N22 7XQ, UK
Joined: 4th Dec 2016
Active: 4 days ago
Musician Available
Description: Hi I'm Amy Rose 26 from Manchester. I've been playing alto saxophone for 15 years (my main instrument) and piano for 10 years. After a few years break from music recently I've started to get back into playing especially my sax- I want to team with other musicians to perform music again! I have a wide range of experience performing solo in pubs and clubs, I've been in orchestras and big bands, jazz ensembles, rock and roll bands with my sax. I'm not liking for any really specific, just want to see who's out there who's willing to jam with me!! The genres of music I love to play on the sax broadly are: swing, blues, soul, pop, electropop, r'n'b, dance, hip hop, folk. And on piano, I love to play classical, pop, and ragtime. My favourite genres of music I love are pop and it's many sub genres, r'n'b, alternative rock, hip hop and dance..I absolutely love strings! Please do get in touch if I sound like someone you want to jam with, also I would love to be in a cover band xx Email: [email protected]
Location: Lodge Ln, Hyde SK14 4JX, UK
Joined: 2nd Dec 2016
Active: 1 day ago
Musician Available
Description: I Am an Experienced and very motivated Music Artist... Singer/Rapper/Writer/Producer/Guitarist I already have a solo project in full swing which is conscious lyrical pop and currently working on the debut album.. 4 singles down, working with a top producer creating something really special. I Now wish to find a side project which is much Heavier! think 'Enter Shikari' meets 'Plan B' meets 'The Qemists' and throw in some 'Rage Against the Machine' and a touch of 'Muse'... think EPIC, ANTHEMIC, POLITICAL, CATCHY, DARK, MELODIC, ORIGINAL! I am not into hanging around trying to look cool.. i am not into trying to please the idiots who run the business side of the music industry.. i care nothing for fame or being a celebrity.. i want to make GREAT music! I have started many projects from the ground up but i am not looking to do this again.. in a perfect world i want to walk into a room where a band is playing some really wicked music and are already tight and well rehearsed.. and plug in a mic and MAKE SOME MAGIC! i have a ton of material and i write fluently whether it be Rhymes or Catchy Hooks. I say this with the greatest respect as i am not a dick! but PLEASE do not get in touch unless you are Great at what you do and are very serious and motivated with an understanding of what it takes to make a wicked band. please do not get back if the style you play and the music you are into does not relate to the references i put. ROCK/METAL/POP/ELECTRONIC please no classic rock! i am not looking to make something which has been done before or anything dated! SYNTHS rock! think Futuristic! and please NOBODY OVER 30 YEARS OLD! I’m looking for Fiery Spirited Young People with Passion and Fire! I hope to hear back from someone soon! i have tons of examples of what i do available on request to listen to thanks C
Location: Pratt St, London NW1 0AB, UK
Joined: 2nd Dec 2016
Active: 6 days ago
Musician Available
Description: I'm new to London and new to live singing - both things I've been wanting to do for a really long time. I've recently started singing at open mics with a pretty good response so I'd love to join a band/guitarist looking for a fun vocalist to maybe gig and see how things go. Get in touch if you're interested! Lisa
Location: Aubyn Square, London SW15 5NT, UK
Joined: 1st Dec 2016
Active: 1 week ago
Musician Wanted
Description: Acoustic guitarist and singer looking to start band or duo. Focus on Americana including country (not so much mainstream country), bluegrass, blues, folk
Location: Shakespeare Rd, Bedford MK40 2ED, UK
Joined: 30th Nov 2016
Active: 1 week ago

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