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Musician Available
Description: My main singing style is primarily limp bizkit, linkin park, eminem, seether. Don't really know if anyone plays that stuff anymore. I can stray from that if need be but that's my comfort zone
Location: Birkenhead, Birkenhead, Merseyside CH42 7JH, UK
Joined: 4th Sep 2015
Active: 2 years ago
Tagseminem, linkin, park, limp, bizkit
Musician Available
Description: I'm Ross, I'm 29 and live on the Wirral. I started playing guitar about 15 years ago, I had a break away from it for a few years and started playing again about 2 years ago. I really want to play live, if thats in a band or duo or anything. I'm more into covers than original to be honest but really I just want to have a laugh and play guitar. I can play some lead guitar but I enjoy rhythm more.
Location: Birkenhead, Prenton CH43 7NA, UK
Joined: 25th Jun 2017
Active: 6 months ago

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