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Location West Lothian
User Type Musician
Sex Unspecified
Description Free-Men-Life is a young acoustic Pop band and remember a bit Jason Mraz or Jack Johnson. Their music is a big genre mixture of Pop, Folk, Reggae, Jazz and Latin. Already their appearance makes it clear, that you can expect something special. With their special instrumentation (acoustic guitar, percussion with cajon and congas, cello, two voices) but also their style (always barefoot, and a straw hat) underline the special sound the band has developed. The two kindergarten friends Friede (guitar/ukulele/voice) and Simon (Percussion) founded the band in 2012. In 2013 Phyllis joined the band with an excellent cello play and heartwarming voice and completed the band. The three of them played since then a lot of concerts, however not forgetting their big passion for street music, they still doing. After having produced the album Wonderful Life during a whole year on their own, a little tour followed (8 concerts in three weeks). During this tour, the band earned a lot of good criticisms from radio, promoters and the press, calling the music "very harmonic compositions […]” with “[…] sophisticated two-part singing” (Backnanger Tageszeitung). Additionally, the band won different prizes for their performance.
Instruments Played
Influences Jason Mraz, Jack Johnson James Morrison
Joined 06 Dec 2015
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