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Random Profiles

Description: We are a Beatles Tribute act setting up for Function gigs and large Events
Location: Stoke-on-Trent
TagsThe, Beatels
Description: Drummer & Female Vocalist looking for members to join a new band! Primarily a Lead Guitarist is what we are searching for, as we have several Bassists interested filling the role of rhythm section.
Location: Leicestershire
Description: Experienced
Location: London
Description: We are Bite The Hand, we’re based between Bath & Swindon and we play Rock & Metal. Our repertoire contains both originals and covers, playing pub shows with a set between 2-3 hours and originals venues with a set of approx 45 minutes. The band has been going for 6 years, we're aged between 30 and 45 and we like to have a lot of fun, still enjoy rocking out and put on a proficient show. We’re currently writing and recording an album, plus we’re freshening up our covers list, so creative input is very welcome. We are looking for either a guitarist or a drummer! Guitarist: we have songs with intricate parts, and a number of solos which we tend to divvy up between guitarists, so looking for someone with ability who's happy to switch it up! Backing vocals would be a plus! Drummer: we’re looking for someone dynamic and tight, double kick experience would be a bonus but we don’t use it excessively. Must be able to drive, have own gear and be able to rehearse once a week!
Description: Female singer
Location: Wiltshire