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Random Profiles

Description: I'm a 17 year old guy looking for a rhythm guitarist, drummer and bassist (who can ideally play synths/keyboards too, but not directly necessary) who have a 'decent' level of playing ability. (We can improve together, Right?) I am a guitarist and vocalist and have a wide range of equipment from guitar pedals to amps to vocal effects pedals. The band will heavily be influenced by The 1975, as I am a huge fan of their music and aesthetic. Along with The Neighbourhood, Wolf Alice, etc. Once the band is fully formed, I would love us to perform covers and write our own material. (Obviously all of this is to be performed at our gigs!) I'd also love to get to the point where we need a manager and we get signed to a label etc. etc. etc. The name 'SugarLips' is an idea I've been playing with and has gone down a treat when suggested to friends. I've even have had a few graphic designs made up of potential logos. I'm an extremely self-sufficient musician and 'business' person. I'm extremely knowledgeable in making professional quality websites and adverts etc. Which would cut the cost of hiring external sources. I myself have extensive experience in doing gigs with other bands, and even some occasional solo open-mic night stuff. The members will be payed equally when we have received payment from gigs, advertising, etc. Age ideally 16-20. SERIOUS PEOPLE ONLY. Reply if INTERESTED or any questions or further information required. Regards, Paul Deacon //Love//
Location: Kent
TagsBand, Indie, Seeking, Grunge
Description: Guildford based guitarist looking to form/join rock band in the style of guns n roses, aerosmith, the dead daisies, and other such bands
Location: Guildford
Description: I have been playing open mics and gigs solo around London since I moved here 18 months ago, but I've decided that that isn't really for me right now, so I am looking to form a band separate from that (i.e. NOT a backing band for my solo work) to perform mostly originals but some covers as well. I play guitar and sing, and a friend of mine is on bass, so we're looking for multiple musicians, including: Guitar Drums Keys (more Piano and Hammond than Programming and Mini-Synths) Sax Ability/willingness to provide vocals would be a bonus, but not essential. Genre, based on what I've been writing recently, can best be described as hard rock with elements of blues, punk, reggae, ska, dub, country, folk and gypsy punk. Would initially like to do 3-4 gigs a month, more if possible, but this band is mainly for fun above all else.
Location: London
Tagsrock, reggae, punk, blues, band
Description: Experienced gigging guitarist and keyboard player. Extensive career in both recording and live performance. Lots of high quality gear and own transport. Now seeking to form and new band or join an established one. Based in Warrington.
Location: Warrington
Description: Lifelong acoustic singer guitarist hoping to do something collaborative before it's too late.
Location: New Milton