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  • John-McLaughlin on Band Mate
Location Tyne and Wear
User Type Musician
Sex Male
Band/Artist Name John McLaughlin
Description Jazz fusion guitarist from Whitley Bay looking for like minded musicians to create a band. I have been looking for 3 years now, but there seems to be no-one out there.
Instruments Played Guitar Lead
Influences Lots - the ones I can think of are: Allan Holdsworth, Scott Henderson, Alex Machacek, Jeff Beck, Solo Goodspeed, Tory Slusher, Jaco Pastorious, Eberhard Weber, Frank Zappa and many more.
Equipment List Hand made Harrison Merlin guitar, hand made G Signature Venus, Fender Strat (USA Standard), Ibanez S470DX, Gordon Giltrap Signature electro-acoustic, Carvin Nomad 112, Eventide PitchFactor, Yamaha UD Stomp, Morley PWB, EHX Ravish Sitar, Maxon OD9, Xotic RC Booster.
Joined 13 Dec 2012
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Description: Looking for musicians to form a jazz fusion band. My objective is to play original material that encompasses complex time signatures, modulating keys / modes - basically the sort of stuff no-one plays. Looking for bass and drums to start and probably electric piano.
Location: Tyne and Wear
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Posted: 11 years ago by John-McLaughlin
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