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Location Harlow
User Type Musician
Sex Male
Band/Artist Name Simon Ivories
Description Join or form a band: Hi, My name is Simon & I have been playing keyboard for quite a few years now. Been in bands too. My influences are diverse. From the likes of Chopin, Beethoven, Elton John, Piano versions of the likes of Billie Holiday, Tina Turner, the jazz greats - etc. My biggest handicap is .. I don't play as good as them .. (I wish)!! I own a Kursweil PC3K8 (main keyboard) + amplification + mic etc. plus some other gear. I also sing and have had formal tuition for this. I don't intend to be a lead singer but don't mind chipping in with VH or lead occasionally. I have a passion to either play in or form a band. The object is to form a band playing a variety of genre. Genre including Lounge/cocktail style, pop, R&R. I'm not into metal/punk or the like. As I am retired I plan to have daytime practices with a view to gigging on the club, pub, hotel or restaurant circuits (eventually). If you are a musician that could contribute to the style I am aiming for and are at a loose end during the day then please contact me. Simon
Instruments Played
Influences Classical, Pop, R&R, Jazz
Equipment List PC3K8, EP77, amp, mic,
Joined 03 May 2019
TagsLounge, Cocktail, Club, circuit
Contact info No additional contact info provided.
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