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  • UnclePablo on Band Mate
Location Northwood
User Type Musician
Sex Male
Band/Artist Name Dave
Description Self Taught Drummer Playing since 1985 Mostly original material: Heavy Rock, Psychedelic, Psychobilly. Some standard covers: 50's to 70's Practice playing: any good music any genre (from Big Band Jazz to Queens of the Stone Age Email: autograph(at)blueyonder.co.uk
Instruments Played
Influences Gene Kruppa and Buddie Rick 60's, 70's heavy, prog, psychedelic and glam rock Neil Peart, Bill Ward, Jon Bonham, Ginger Baker, Dave Grohl, Mick Tucker.........the beat goes on!
Equipment List Yamaha 9000 (7Pc) with Sonor SonorLite snare Odery Café Kit (4Pc) Trapps E500 Electronic Kit
Joined 28 Jun 2017
TagsDrummer, Dedicated
Contact info No additional contact info provided.
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