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Location Suffolk
User Type Musician
Sex Male
Band/Artist Name wizart
Description Hello!.. My name is Fotis, I am 44 years old and I am a rock & pop-punk song writer. Strangely enough, for the music that I like and write, I am Greek (hence the strange name!) I live in Stowmarket, Suffolk, and I work as a computer system engineer. I play the guitar, but I am currently converting into keyboards. I would like to form a band in order to: 1. Jam and have fun - even if that's all we will do! 2. Create and play only our own music, and eventually try to get a contract with a record label. I have been told by EMI people in Greece that my melodies are really unique, beautiful and catchy - even "top ten chart material" for the UK!! :) Actually, one of the reasons for me permanently relocating to this country was exactly that. The sound that I imagine us having can be described (if I want to simplify it) by the phrase "the beatles meet the smiths with a touch of distortion" :P I am not interested in making a cover / tribute band of some sort. As far as gigs are concerned, I would like our band to perform some gigs to see how it goes, but not to try to make a living out of them professionally. PS1 I do not have my own jamming place, but I can rent one in Stowmarket (and, if necessary, pay for everything :P ) PS2 I would like all the band decisions to be taken with absolute democracy - no leaders or fighting! PS3 The themes of the lyrics of course will vary – but I would like to have some general sophisticated and progressive (antiracist, environmental etc) view regarding social & political issues. PS4 I hope you do not mind me saying that, but I would not like to cooperate with people with drink or drug issues. So, if you like what you just read, feel free to call me - my number is 077 24 54 81 38. Have a nice day!
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