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Location South Yorkshire
User Type Musician
Sex Male
Band/Artist Name Zac McNulty
Description Hi there, My name's Zac McNulty, I'm 27 and I've not long moved to the Sheffield area from Liverpool. I'm a singer/songwriter looking to make a solo career in music. I've been writing songs since the age of 14 and want to take the leap into releasing an album which I have already titled (Make Your Way) and finished writing for. I have wrote 16 song lyrics for this. I am looking for a guitarist at the moment, someone who will be willing to work with me to turn the lyrics into actual songs. I'm open to new lyrics if said person can contribute. I'm going to be honest, I'm not a guitarist myself, but I do know some basic chords. Not every person can play an instrument, so I'm trying to look past this barrier and not see this as a downfall. My instrument is my voice, and my lyrics are creative. So I know that I am working at something. I'm also open to the idea of being helped to learn guitar and play the songs for myself (optional). If I find the right person to work with and they're interested in my ideas enough, we will bring in the rest of the band later on and eventually go on to gig. I'm hoping to make friends with who ever I work with. I'm friendly and easy going. Music for me is theraputic and about making a difference. I'm not looking to cover other people's songs. That's not to say I/We can't. It's just not my plan at the moment. I want to be serious. My idea is to create something and whilst I'm not building my hopes too high, I want to get my music heard. I'm willing to manage the band and myself, as I want to feel like I'm working for something. I'm not relying on people to do everything for me. I can't really provide much music samples at the moment, but there's a few tracks I've created with my partner on soundcloud here. soundcloud.com/zacmcnulty I'm not looking for this exact sound, but it's close enough. Some of my other album design ideas you can also find on my website I'm currently working on - http://zacmcnulty1.wix.com/home. I also have a few social networks which I will add new music too very soon: www.facebook.com/zacmcnulty www.twitter.com/zacmcnulty
Instruments Played
Influences New Years Day, Icon For Hire, Avril Lavigne, Green Day, Paramore, Blink 182, Evanescence. These artist are inspirational to me, but they don't specifically influence what I write. I like to create my own ideas. Genre wise, they are probably more suited to the style I'm going for.
Joined 02 Oct 2015
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