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Musician Wanted
Description: Hello! My name is Hannah and i am a second year at the Bristol Institute of Modern Music. I require a vocalist that has only been trained classically, to take part in a project for one of my modules. I am hoping to be able to analyse musical characteristics between singers that have been trained in different backgrounds. I will also be analysing Popular music vocalists too. Age range preferably 18-25. It will involve taking part in a small 20 minute session, involving a small written theory section, performance section, chord and interval recognition and sight reading section. (Roughly grade 3-5 level) This is in no way a test of abilities and you don't need to be 'amazing' at anything! This is just something i require to do for one of my modules to gather data and any help would be extremely appreciated, i am hoping to be able to make this task as easy going as possible!! Please message me for further information! There is a small cash reward for your help! Kind regards! Hannah
Location: Bristol, City of Bristol BS1 1TP, UK
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Posted: 3 years ago by hscou
Tagsclassical, project, singer