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Description: Trumpet player from Wiltshire, been playing 12 years, play jazz, ska, commercial, and classical! just finished a degree at uni doing music
Location: Wiltshire
Description: Slightly better than beginner guitar, drums or trumpet. Interested in social jamming a couple of times a week with anyone interested.
Location: Lancaster
Description: Hi! I am an established vocalist with a keen interest in any genre. I seriously enjoy just singing with a group and would love to get stuck in with some band work alongside my uni studies. At the moment, I'm very interested in Rock as a genre and would love to cover/arrange and also sing original songs. I have a Merit in... Read more
Location: London

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Description: Trumpet player from Salisbury looking to set up a ska band- need drums, gtr, bass, bone- already got sax. or willing/looking to join one in the area played lots of gigs etc when I was at uni
Location: Wiltshire
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Posted: 8 years ago by samreedy
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