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  • BrokeniDoll on Band Mate
Location Stockport
User Type Musician
Sex Unspecified
Description I'm looking to put together a heavy goth-punk style band but with some metal and symphonic twists. I play guitar. My current band is splitting up and we just have two gigs left in November. You can have a listen to our two EPs at https://aclockworkopera.bandcamp.com. I play guitar and I wrote all the songs for this band.
Instruments Played
Influences Main influences would be bands like AFI, My Chemical Romance, Creeper and New Years Day, only with a metal edge to it and keyboards. I am influenced by some other obscure stuff which may contribute to the tone/mood, including The Birthday Massacre, Emilie Autumn, Dresden Dolls and a lot of Visual Kei/Japanese Metal.
Joined 18 Sep 2017
TagsPunk, Metal, Goth, Steampunk
Contact info No additional contact info provided.
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