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Tagsrock, metal, punk
Description: Hi, I'm a 39-years-old singer, living in East Kent. Here's a link to an EP from a previous thrash metal band: I've also done some collabs on Bandhub: My vocal timbre usually gets compared to J Hetfield in the late 80s - early 90s. Anyone who's interested, just gimme a shout. A comment on SoundCloud (user ID daniele-gatti-1) works :)
Location: Canterbury
TagsRock, Metal, Blues
Description: Othinn is a Psychedelic Doom Metal project that I have been writing & recording tracks for over the last year. I started Othinn around January 2017, & want to continue with the project aiming to get a drummer involved. I want to find someone who's very familer with the Doom Metal genre & has experience, equipment etc. Also need to find someone like minded, no egos, drink or drug problems man, wasted too many years around those characteristics. I aim to play live venues the middle of this year, so if interested this will have to be expected. This year I also converted my loft space into my recording studio, there's a full acoustic kit up there plus all the guitar & bass amps etc. Let me know if your interested, we can meet discuss first & see where it leads........ Links for Othinn
Location: London
TagsDoom, Metal
Description: My name is Kieran Lochran, I am 25, and I live in North Lanarkshire. I now feel confident to start or join a metal band. I have a YouTube Channel to get a rough idea on what my vocabulary is capable of. If interested, let me know asap, please.
Location: Coatbridge
TagsMetal, Acoustic
Description: Traditional heavy metal band with Adam on vocals and guitar and Vijay on guitar and backing vocals, looking for a bassist who can do backing vocals and a drummer in the Leytonstone area
Location: London
Description: I'm looking to put together a heavy goth-punk style band but with some metal and symphonic twists. I play guitar. My current band is splitting up and we just have two gigs left in November. You can have a listen to our two EPs at I play guitar and I wrote all the songs for this band.
Location: Stockport
TagsPunk, Metal, Goth, Steampunk
Description: Guitarist of 15 years with gigging expirienece is looking to form/Join a metal/metalcore band Check out my old bands material search 'The Infinite Struggle' on Facebook or Spotify or even bandcamp. Very dedicated with own equipment amps, cabs ect
Location: Cannock
TagsMetal, Metalcore, Guitarist, Lead, Rhythm
Description: I am 17 and want to start a band. Genre preferably heavy, metalcore based. Looking for people around 15-19 I scream but currently cannot do highs and cleans very well, lows and mids are good. I don't own a equipment so starting from scratch. Hit me up if you wanna start a band around swansea.
Location: Swansea
TagsMetalcore, band, heavy, uk, Swansea
Description: 16 - male I've been playing bass for around 8 months as of July 2017 I'm interested in joining a metal (thrash and heavy) and or rock band. I'm looking for dedicated musicians who are passionate about music. I may not be the best bass player but I try to practise everyday and I'm really motivated to improve. My current gear is quite cheap but should hold up ( I hope to upgrade soon) Additional note- I play both with fingers and a pick depending on what tone I want (I can also slap but I can't see myself doing it often)
Location: Warrington
TagsBass, Band, Metal, Rock, Heavy
Description: I am a guitar player and iv been playing for several years , mostly a lead guitar , do some R guitar as well. Love metal and rock Motorhead is my favourite
Location: London
Tagsmetal, guitar, rock, , thrash

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Musician Wanted
Description: Band with recording and live experience (various releases, local touring, festivals) looking for an experienced, committed and versatile lead guitarist. Heavy music / D Standard tuning / clean vocals / cinematic touches / energetic live performances. New music in the works and interest from management. For fans of FNM / Devin Townsend / Opeth / Open-minded, demanding but not obviously technical Please apply with samples of your work (video, audio, etc.) and we will reply with links to our material Smile
Location: London SE14 5XE, UK
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Posted: 7 months ago by 043n516h7
Tagslead, guitar, metal, cinematic
Band Wanted
Description: We are currently seeking a full time bassist. The ideal candidate must be based in the North of England, have a good understanding of basic timekeeping, a grasp of the concept that bass must work with the drums to provide support for the guitars, and have professional standard equipment. You must also hold an up to date UK passport, be prepared to travel, rehearse regularly and put in all the work onstage before even considering having a beer. Contact us if you would like to arrange an audition, you can find our contact details either on our Blog, or facetube page. Or message us on here. Position is open to anyone, except people who we don't like, and weekend warriors. Our preferred age range of musicians is 30+, but all will be considered. Please note the band is based in Huddersfield, where we rehearse. Official downloads : Website : http://solstice-englander.blogspot/ Facetube : solstice-Englander Influences : Bathory, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Adam & The Ants (KOTWF era), Judas Priest, Celtic Frost etc
Location: Huddersfield HD5 0XD, UK
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Posted: 1 year ago by Solstice
TagsHeavy, Metal, Doom, metal, Epic
Band Wanted
Description: Im a seventeen year old from south Yorkshire, I'm looking to join or form a band who listens to the music of nirvana, joy division the kinks, stone roses, the doors the velvet underground or anything that goes with the genre's listed below. Im a self taught guitarist who has been playing for almost 3 years, I have had one performance with people from college, there I study music technology, I have a little bit of experience and I also write my own material. I can play a little bit of bass, and can also sing a little too. If your a Public image limited fan who likes good drumming, 3 chords, good lyrics, simple and distinctive bass playing with pathetic singing then private message me, if your interested thank you in advance Ciaran..
Location: Foljambe Cres, New Rossington, Doncaster DN11 0SX, UK
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Posted: 1 year ago by Ciaran Moran
TagsPunk, post, punk, metal, grunge
Band Wanted
Description: Milton Keynes-based pop punk/metal band False Idol need a drummer. Are you: - 18-30? - reliable and able to drive? - have your own kit? - able to practice regularly and commit to gigs? If you're interested in auditioning contact us here or find us on Facebook/Instagram (/falseidolband)
Location: Pettingrew Cl, Walnut Tree, Milton Keynes MK7 7LN, UK
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Posted: 1 year ago by leinadmai
Tagsdrummer, poppunk, metal, rock
Musician Wanted
Description: Looking for a drummer for London based cover band. Fun project but we are looking for commitment - practice every fortnight and maybe to be moved to once a week. Possibly looking to play around London and also make some cash. Influences from industrial to grunge to djent/tech. (ex nine inch nails, deftones, devin townsend etc)... If interested please send email to [email protected] Valentina
Location: Gosport Rd, Walthamstow, London E17 7LZ, UK
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Posted: 1 year ago by Reptile83
Tagsdrummer, cover, metal, band, london
Band Wanted
Description: Me(Igor) and my new band (Republique Of The Dead) are looking for a vocalist and possibly a drummer to complete our line up. Right now we have a bass player, rhythm(Me) and lead guitarist. Our starting drummer has not been up to being part of it anymore (even though we only started). We mainly want to write original music. Musical theory knowledge isn't needed as 2 of us are not musically trained (we have basic musical knowledge). We are looking to practice mainly on weekends and college half terms (Me and the guys are in college doing music) We hope to find someone/some guys/girl that can just hang out and have fun while writing and covering songs. Our influences are : Slayer, Metallica, Death, Lamb of God, Killswitch engage, Black Sabbath, Pantera (obviously Rest in piece Dimebag), Motorhead, Slipknot, Korn, Tool, Vader, SOAD, Megadeth, Meshuggah (My personal fav), Amon Amarth and many more. We are musically open to all sorts of ideas. Hopefully you can have basic musical theory knowledge like myself, as it is difficult talking about time signatures, notes and chords with Normies. Dont be discouraged and give me a whatsapp message or email: Phone number - 07538183675 Email - [email protected] Even if we are young guys also dont be discouraged thank you. Hope to hear from both a singer and drummer.
Location: Wadham Gardens, Greenford UB6 0BS, UK
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Posted: 1 year ago by JuniorBoy17
TagsMetal, singer, drummer, vocalist, vocals
Band Wanted
Description: Punk/Metal/Hardcore band seeks drummer to record album & start gigging. Influences - Discharge, Sacrilege, Slayer, Black Sabbath Newcastle area, rehearsing once a fortnight. 07853825056
Location: Frederick St, Chopwell, Newcastle upon Tyne NE17 7JS, UK
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Posted: 1 year ago by RadgePacket
TagsPunk, Drummer, Metal, Hardcore
Musician Wanted
Description: band based on a previously made solo project called toha (my nickname), however the name can obviously be put under discussion. Quite a bit of material is written and gig ready, which can be checked out at my soundcloud page ( or on my youtube channel Definitely looking for committed players who are able to perform the previously written material and write new stuff in that general vein. Needless to say, you've got to have a sufficient amount of your own equipment to gig with and have fun :) . I'm new to the UK, so it'd also be great if you could show me around the scene. Being around my age (in your teens) also is a big plus Influences definitely include: Arcane Roots, Royal Blood, The Strokes, The Cure, Foals, Tame Impala, METZ, Fall of Troy, Biffy Clyro etc.
Location: Oxford OX2 7AL, UK
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Posted: 1 year ago by toha
TagsIndie, Garage, Rock, Metal, Drums
Musician Wanted
Description: Seeking Guitarist for new band/ project? Looking for someone who is patient and open minded we are in our late 20s early 30s so someone 25+ please, ( not concrete requirement just looking for a certain level of maturity) preferably 1 year or more experience playing, Gigging experience not required. Our influences are bands like QOTSA, A Perfect Circle, Halestorm, Seether, Pink Floyd, Tool to name a few the list is endless. we will be looking to rehearse/ practise at Berkely studios in Glasgow central, contact for more info, We use Whatsapp to chat together as a band.
Location: Millford Dr, Linwood, Paisley PA3 3EJ, UK
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Posted: 1 year ago by Ashminxie
TagsGuitarist, Rock, Glasgow, metal
Musician Wanted
Description: we are Los Leones Latinos and we are the world's ONLY Tribute to the kings of Latin Metal Ill Nino we require a talented Drummer to complete our line up Ill Nino use a drummer AND a percussionist so you will be working very closely together. you will need your own kit, able to practice at least once a fortnight in Leeds and have the ability to travel as far north as Glasgow and as far south as Hastings and everywhere in-between for the actual gigs, mainly on weekends. all gigs will be paid and your fuel will be covered by the band for all gigs we will be playing alongside many other extremely talented UK based metal tributes all over the country such as Korn, Disturbed, Deftones, Rage Against The Machine, Slipknot etc so dedication and knowledge of the energetic show that Ill Nino provide is a must. Ill Nino themselves are following us and in regular contact with us and when they come to the UK on tour next we will be booking a show nearby and they will be coming to see us live, so no pressure! reply on here or text me on 07938949998
Location: Harrowby Rd, Leeds LS16 5HN, UK
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Posted: 1 year ago by Amaranthor
Tagsmetal, drummer, leeds, yorkshire, heavy