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  • Corgrash on Band Mate
Location London
User Type Musician
Sex Male
Band/Artist Name Paul Williamson
Description Have been in bands for over 10 years now. Looking to join a band on vocals. Best way to describe my voice is 'heaavy'. https://soundcloud.com/paulgrumblegrumblegrumble/ace-of-spades-motorhead-full-band-cover https://soundcloud.com/paulgrumblegrumblegrumble/for-whom-the-bell-tolls-metallica-full-band-cover Looking for an energetic, full on band.
Instruments Played
Joined 28 Feb 2015
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Description: Hi, I'm currently looking for a band to sing for. Here are 2 covers done in my style of voice. https://soundcloud.com/paulgrumblegrumblegrumble/for-whom-the-bell-tolls-metallica-full-band-cover https://soundcloud.com/paulgrumblegrumblegrumble/ace-of-spades-motorhead-full-band-cover Let me know if you're inter... Read more
Location: London
Views: 287
Posted: 7 years ago by Corgrash
TagsRock, Metal, Singer, Vocalist
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