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Description: Grungy rock vocalist capable of a variety of different styles looking for a band to play with. My primary inspirations include Radiohead, Nirvana and slipknot. I'm completely sober so you won't have to worry about me getting too fucked up to play ;). I also value attributes such as professionalism and dedication, so if you consider yourself to posses either of those feel free to get in touch. I have a couple songs that should give a good idea of my capabilities as a vocalist; Hope to hear from you soon :)
Location: St Albans
TagsRock, grunge, metal, vocalist, singer
Description: I am a 20-year old rock/alternative/indie/jazz/blues lover with a rich alto voice looking for opportunities to sing in London, whether it be as a part of a band, as a front woman or perhaps doing one-off gigs or performances around the city - am very versatile and open to anything really. I can play some piano and would potentially be able to learn piano/keyboard parts given to me and sing alongside them. I had singing lessons all through childhood and now am wanting a chance to put my skills to use. I'd be happy to send a video/recording of me singing on request. Would be nice to be a part of a chill band or group who enjoys performing together for the fun of it.
Location: London
Tagsfemale, singer, vocalist, london
Description: Singer in the Teesside area with around 15yrs of experience in various bands. Looking for a competent acoustic guitarist to form a duo with performing popular pop/rock songs from 70s-present. Already have plenty of paid gigs lined up (including private functions and weddings). Own PA system, travel arrangements and ability to provide backing vocals would be ideal but not entirely essential.
TagsSinger, duo, acoustic
Description: I am a singer and guitar player. Been playing on and off for 7 years. Never played in a band but I've reached the point where I think im ready to explore that avenue. My main interest musicly are artists like Stevie ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix, John Mayer and all the old blues legends like BB King, Albert King etc. But I am open to anything that's not too heavy. I can play guitar but really should practice more so I'm hoping a band may push me to really focus on that. I'd like to be around other musicians that can push me to improve. I consider myself a good singer and probably a better singer than guitar player. I also do a lot of private Luthier work so free setups and fret polishes!!!! I also have experience in DAW software and own Reaper and FL studio and am reasonably competent in recording. I own studio condenser mics and dynamic performance mics too. I also like to write songs and have been writing in one form or another for 18 years
Location: Chigwell
TagsSinger, vocalist, guitar, player, rhythm
Description: kind of quirky, kind of funky drama student who loves anything musical. currently in the process of starting up my own band but looking for experience in others.
Location: Twickenham
TagsVocalist, Rock, Singer
Description: We are Stone Dogs a rock band based in central Scotland, we are currently on the lookout for a singer/frontperson/Dog. If you think you're up to it get in touch. Have you heard this yet? "suicide rider" by yours truly 🙌 -
Location: Paisley
TagsRock, hard, singer, front, man
Description: Female singer looking to join/ form a band within a relitavely local area. Looking to join with a guitarist, bassist, drummer, pianist and other essential band members. I'm from Epsom and I'm 16 so I wouldn't be able to travel too far or practice during school hours. Would preferably be in an indie rock/ indie pop band.
Location: Epsom
TagsFemale, singer, Indie, rock, indie
Description: New Heavy rock band looking for a singer! Really easy going but focused bunch already have some incredible musicians just need the right singer!
Location: Canterbury
TagsSinger, wanted, heavy, rock
Description: Hiya, I'm a singer from Peterborough that has done a range of styles including solo, duo and band work, I have done different vocal styles, easy listening, chilled laid back vibes, 50's/60's specific, 90's etc. I'm looking to see what opportunites thete are out there since my band split up in November as I prefer being with people as oppose to solo work. Looking for like-minded musicians that want to have fun, get out there performing and enjoying music.
Location: Peterborough
TagsVocalist, Vocal, Fun, Band, Singer
Description: I am a singer who enjoys working along other members. I can be backup or lead (singer that is). I can play a bit of guitar aswell but I prefer singing a lot more. I play guitar while singing but never alone. I play ukulele too but I usually play melody. I don't have that much experience in bands but I have gotten a small job out of singing for a while and I have also performed in the Derngate theater and a few other places. I have been singing for years and I will be for years to come.
Location: Northampton
Tagssoul, singer, vocalist, vocal, wanted

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Description: We're looking for a male or female lead vocalist to complete our current line-up of lead guitar + backing vocals, bass and drums. We'd primarily be looking to perform at functions, corporate events and weddings, playing well known hits from across a wide range of genres (set list available). Reliability is key for us as we've been unfortunate enough to have met a few time-wasters! Experience in a live setting is essential, as is enthusiasm and a good sense of humour! If the above sounds appealing, don't hesitate to get in touch! James (07584907424)
Location: Knyveton Rd, Bournemouth BH1 3QZ, UK
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Posted: 4 weeks ago by FunctionBand105
TagsSinger, vocalist, needed, required
Description: Hi, my name is Claudia and I am an 18 year old drummer based in Glasgow. I want to start a pop band and I am looking for a lead singer, rhythm guitarist, lead guitarist and a bassist. Please contact me for more information :)
Location: Lanark Rd, Auchenheath, Lanark ML11 9UU, UK
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Posted: 2 months ago by Cloudy_Puff
Tagspop, guitar, bass, singer, band
Description: Hello! We're looking for someone with a top quality, extremely distinctive voice who thinks they would suit our band. We've imagined a gruff deep heavy vocal to RATM type rap-like shouting but are not tied to anything. You can check out a couple of our tracks by following the link below. We recorded and are currently working with robotic FX stylised vocals at the moment but it's proving to be an absolute fuckpain to replicate live so we're considering natural vocals now instead. We have someone for the clean melodies so singing those isn't important. We're not particularly looking for screaming vocals, it's not really our sort of thing but if you think you have a voice that sets you apart from the average we'd love to hear from you. We're in our thirties, we don't mind how old you are. We rehearse in Woking, Surrey & sometimes Reading. We're looking to do as many gigs as possible as quickly as possible so you'll need energy & flexibility. Check out the tracks, can you imagine your vocals working well or know someone who would? If so please get in touch with a demo. Cheers! [email protected]
Location: Woking GU22 7AE, UK
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Posted: 3 months ago by Buns
Tagsvocalist, wanted, singer, wanted, for
Description: I'm looking to start a new project. I write and make electronic music. Its lo-fi, poppy, synthy, dreamy. I write on guitar but primarily make music using software. What I can't do is sing, or write lyrics. I'm looking for someone who: - Can sing - Can write lyrics - Can record vocal demos at home to send - Has an interest in gaining a following - Wants to build something genuine and do it for as long as its good I've got a lot of influences, but for this project I'm thinking M83, Memory House, Desire, The Knife, Kero Kero Bonito, Hot Chip, Imogen Heap, Katy Perry, Best Coast. I'm not a pro. I don't have pro gear. I'm a guy in a bedroom with almost entirely free software. But if you're a singer looking for a new project, likes a laid-back approach to collaborating, and has an open mind, drop me a message.
Location: Craven Park Rd, London N15 6AB, UK
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Posted: 5 months ago by TU2727
Tagssinger, wanted, electronic, band
Description: Hi, I'm a songwriter/ music producer/ musician based in central London looking for a female vocalist with experience to collaborate with on an exciting new project. As part of this I would like to record your vocal melodies and harmonies - for reference my music takes inspiration from various sources spanning krautrock, psych, garage rock (think Karen O and Dangermouse's 'Lux Prima', Susanne Sundfør, Latitia Sadier, Tess Parks and Anton Newcombe, Lee Hazelwood and Nancy Sinatra, Nico and The Velvet Underground, Jade Vincent from 'Unloved' (David Holmes' produced soundtrack for 'Killing Eve'), Nouvelle Vague, Ty Segall, Thee Oh Sees etc) Please contact me if that sounds up your street and you are interested to collaborate. Please include links to demos of your voice (via Soundcloud, Youtube etc). Contact me via
Location: London EC1V 9ET, UK
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Posted: 6 months ago by columninches
Tagsfemale, vocalist, female, singer, singer
Description: Singer needed Talented female singer needed asap We are looking for a strong female singer to join our existing line up of THE BOSTON BEAT. You will be committed to be the best in the area as we are and be available to rehearse once a week in a fully functional studio. We have several gigs lined up for 2018 with more to follow so availability is key. We play a variety of stuff from soul, funk to rock and film scores, we like to do stuff that other bands don't. If you think this is you please drop me a line or call me on 0748 651 4053 or 07908782881 to come down for a chat with the band. Looking forward to hearing from you.
Location: Whitehorse Ln, Boston PE21 8SZ, UK
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Posted: 1 year ago by mike13keys
Tagsfemale, singer, wanted, boston
Description: We are a melodic rock band who have just lost the singer. We are looking for someone to come and have fun, writing, playing and recording music with us. The band name will change and we will want to write new original material with the new singer. We hope to make whoever joins feel part of the band straight away by including them in the decisions surrounding covers, band name and what direction we are heading in. We class ourselves at the moment as an Original Covers band. The long and short of it is, we love writing and recording our own songs and music and won't stop doing that, however as it gets harder to fill venues with friends and family we understand the need to play some covers and get a reputation for being hard working, professional and talented. We are a close group of friends having worked together for many years, we just want to have fun. We have 2 covers sets of about an hour each and had about 35 mins of original music but we want to write more with your take on our musical style. We are ready to gig when a singer is in place. We are hard working and professional, but please understand we have a home life too! We have kids and mortgages, so know that this is a serious hobby. If we ever "made it" we would love to make music our life, but understand there is more to music than being famous. It's about enjoying what we do as a band and making music we feel proud of playing live to people and feel good about listening to. If you are into what we do, great. If you aren't that is also fine, just tell us. We write together no one person is the "ego" behind what we do. Please let us know if you would like come and have a jam and see if we can have some fun making music.
Location: Addlestone KT15 3JE, UK
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Posted: 1 year ago by TheRealTomTom
Tagsvocals, singer, rock, band, grunge
Description: I am older (60) but youthful singer guitarist interested in doing something collaborative. Flexible but currently enjoying country rock/blues. Ideally, lead guitar, bass, keys and drums but just want to try something new.
Location: Barton Ln, Barton on Sea, New Milton BH25 7PJ, UK
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Posted: 1 year ago by Kenwood
TagsSinger, Rythm, Guitar, Acoustic
Description: Lead Singer needed to complete highly accomplished line up...Pro/Semi Pro standard with gigs and festivals booked next year...YouTube/unedited clips required....
Location: Slewins Ln, Hornchurch RM11 2BU, UK
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Posted: 1 year ago by BigManBailey
TagsSinger, Vocalist, Lead, Singer, Frontman
Description: Lead Singer needed to complete highly accomplished line up...Pro/Semi Pro standard with gigs and festivals booked next year...YouTube/unedited clips required....
Location: Slewins Ln, Hornchurch RM11 2BU, UK
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Posted: 1 year ago by BigManBailey
TagsSinger, Vocalist, Lead, Singer, Frontman