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Location Rochester
User Type Band
Sex Male
Band/Artist Name Ocean Flats
Description Hi, my names Jordan Mansford, I'm 17, and I play bass in a alt rock band called "Ocean Flats". the band has been recently formed by me and 3 other of my band mates after a issue with our last band. we currently have 3 guitarsists, 1 of them sings, and me the bassist. we are looking for a drummer of a good standard to join are band
Instruments Played
Influences We are influened by a number of modern alt rock band such as: 1. Mallory knox 2. young guns 3. deaf havana 4. You me at six
Equipment List Each guitarist in the band has a range of guitars. Damon our singer/guitarist also runs through a large pedal board and a line6 spider IV combo but is working toward a Marshall head and cab. Evan runs through a small pedal board does not have a gigable amp for his own so borrows damons but will shortly have a large fender combo amp. Elliot (pepe) runs through a medium sized board in a laney combo amp, but that will soon change to a jet city (Soldano) head and cab Jordan runs the bass through a medium/large pedal baord into a ashdown cab. We are in need of a drum kit and a PA system To see rehersal gear check out "DEF Studios" online.
Joined 03 Feb 2017
TagsBand, Rock, Drummer, Medway
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