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  • Pyromaina83 on Band Mate
Location Ilkeston
User Type Musician
Sex Male
Band/Artist Name Elliott Dryden
Description I have recently just left school and I am looking to get out there and play with people who are into the same kind of music as me. I am looking to go the distance and really make something happen, I'm not looking for one off's or time wasters, I want to know if you are going to do it and willing to put the time and effort into making it, then definitely let me know. I'm looking for people who have a good image that suits what they play, not just some old guy who learnt to play about 3 weeks ago and wants to jam or thinks they want to start a band. Your skill level needs to be really good no matter what you play, it's important to be tight and have a good sense of rhythm, otherwise... Things just fall apart, trust me... I've had experience with the "school band/group" I was forced to play in as I was the only bass player there... Stupid right? I'm not willing to expand and start playing the crappy rock of today (which isn't by my standards, it's just s**t) Also... Not the metal of today either, cause' let's be honest... They sound like One Direction now and don't know how to do one solo anymore, so they tune their guitars to B Standard and have the strings falling of their fretboard, which pisses me off!! And also... no vocalist who sounds like they are taking a shit everytime they sing! I haven't had a lot of giging experience but I've played live quite a few times and I was the one who kept everything in order and sounded good on everything I played (like I say, there isn't much competition at school though). If interested, definitley get in touch, either in here or through email. Thanks a lot, Elliott
Instruments Played
Influences • Aerosmith • Alice Cooper • Bon Jovi • Cinderella • Def Leppard • Dio • Dokken • Guns N' Roses • Iron Maiden • Journey • Kiss • Living Colour • Anthrax • Megadeth • Metallica • Motley Crue • Mr. Big • Pantera • Pearl Jam (Ten) • Alice In Chains • Poison • Queen • Quiet Riot • Skid Row • Van Halen • Steel Panther • Richie Sambora • Warrant • The Black Crowes • The Darkness • Jimi Hendrix • Ugly Kid Joe • Whitesnake • Ozzy Osbourne • Black Sabbath • AC/DC • Motorhead • Exodus • Soundgarden • Led Zepplin • Deep Purple • Myles Kennedy • Alter Bridge • Slash • CCR • The Rolling Stones • Danger Danger
Equipment List • Fender Dimension • Tokai Thunderbird • Peavy Millenium • Marshall AS-50D
Joined 11 Jul 2019
Contact info No additional contact info provided.
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