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Description: Hello, I've been playing bass and guitar for more than 10 years. I've played with a few band between Italy and UK but I'm looking for a new band band or some artists for collaboration or full time commitment.
Location: Watford
TagsBass, Guitar, Rock, Indie
Description: Bassist and guitarist looking for a band, ideally as a bass player as it’s my main instrument.
Location: Hull
TagsBass, Guitar, Punk
Description: 20 years experience playing bass. 7 years experience in a wedding function band. Lots of gigs with a grunge band over the last few years.
Location: Canterbury
TagsBassist, Funk, Rock, Wedding,
Description: I am looking for some sort of rock band. 34 y/o. Bass player. Fretted/Fretless. Can read/write. Transpose & arrange. More inclined to write original music and not play in some boring shitty stale sounding pub rock covers band.
Location: Wednesbury
TagsBass, Player
Description: i am a 15 year old bassist, looking to start a band. i was recently in a band but some things happened and i’m not with them anymore. i’d love to gig and make music. contact me if you’re in the essex area or near!
Location: Colchester
TagsBassist, Rock, Hardrock, Band, Musician
Description: Hi! We are currently looking for a bassist for a new band based in East London. So far we have a guitarist and a vocalist and we’re about to meet a drummer. We’re in our 20s and our references are varied. We’ve been working on some songs by bands like The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys, The Kooks and Kings of Leon. How... Read more
Location: London
TagsBass, Indie, Newband, Eastlondon
Description: Experienced covers band bassist. Very professional when it comes to all things band-related, but easy going and like a laugh too. Own transport and good gear.
Location: Colne
TagsBassist, Bass, Covers
Description: Full time greb.
Location: Nottingham
TagsBass, Guitarist, Vocals, Greb, Rock
Description: Hi there! I'm 19 years old and looking to start an pop punk band from the ages of 17-23! I'm currently looking for a guitarist, drummer and bass player to work with, record, write our own songs and practice together. I would love to possibly take this as far as we could, rehearsing as much as possible, as I would love... Read more
Location: Guildford
TagsRock, Punk, Guitarist, Bassist, Drummer
Description: CONTACT US AT [email protected] We need a Lead Guitarist, a Bassist and a Drummer! Preferably a female bassist/drummer but female isn’t necessary, everyone is welcome
Location: Uxbridge
TagsFemale, Bassist, Drummer, Male, Guitarist

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Description: Looking for either a band in need of a bassist or guitars /drums/singer looking to join one! Pro gear, some idea! Been playing bass for 15 years and guitar for 30. American Standard Precision and Aerodyne as main basses; Markbass rig. Influences include RHCP, Foos, Stones, Arctic Monkeys, Wombats, Amazons, Cult, Cure,... Read more
Location: Basingstoke
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Posted: 2 months ago by bassingstoke
TagsBass, Hampshire, Berkshire
Description: I’m looking to assemble a really tight, pro-standard band producing an authentic 1950's/1960's amplified CHICAGO BLUES sound. When the band is in place I will arrange professional representation. I'm a very committed, sociable, Essex-based, experienced Blues vocalist and diatonic/chromatic harmonica player with high-pr... Read more
Location: Chelmsford
Views: 29
Posted: 2 months ago by bloozeboy
TagsDouble, Bass', 'Bass, Guitar', 'Guitar
Description: We are a Pop Punk band called Leaving Hawkins based in Liverpool. Currently we consist of two guitarist/vocalists who write original material. We are seeking a Bass player and Drummer who are prepared to make a career out of the band. We are looking for: - A Drummer & Bass player with their own decent quality eq... Read more
Location: Liverpool
Views: 31
Posted: 2 months ago by leavinghawkins
TagsBass, Guitar, Drums, Drummer, Bassist
Description: Hey All, We are a new band, Pocket Propaganda, that formed during the first lockdown in the SE - near to Eastbourne. Looking to get gigging in either the Hastings or Brighton areas. We're currently two guitarists and a drummer of 10+ years (29-32 years old) who have been rehearsing and writing over the last year or s... Read more
Location: Polegate
Views: 23
Posted: 3 months ago by mj98
TagsPunk, Bassist, Vocals, Sussex, Wanted
Description: bass guitarist, lead guitarist and drummer wanted to play in heavy metal/thrash metal band
Location: Sandy
Views: 24
Posted: 3 months ago by deathened
Tagsguitar, lead, guitarist, bass, guitar
Description: I'm looking to seperate this side project into its own band. Talented bassist wanted who's able to commit. Drop - A tuning, 5 string preferable. Talented guitarist wanted who's able to commit. Drop-A tuning, 7 string preferable. Check out our music below or in full on Bandcamp. Read more
Location: Woking
Views: 31
Posted: 3 months ago by nip-tassles
Tagsguitarist, bassist
Description: The M62s are an established covers band in Leeds / North Yorkshire and looking for a new bassist ASAP. We're usually a four piece, covering a wide range of music - Guns n Roses, Bon Jovi, Cardigans, Beatles, Kooks, Arctic Monkeys, Journey, Blondie, Janis Joplin... etc, and also open-minded to suggestions! Our usual bass ... Read more
Location: Leeds
Views: 34
Posted: 3 months ago by b12345
TagsBass, Bassist, Covers, Leeds, Yorkshire
Description: Guitarist, 37, sound of Manic Street Preachers, Queen, Guns n Roses also acoustic e.g. Beatles Songwriting influences: Beatles, Beach Boys/Brian Wilson, Manics Own equipment, been playing 20 years, very high standard. Performing experience (Glastonbury to pubs, open mics, weddings and everything in-between!). Match ... Read more
Location: Croydon
Views: 37
Posted: 3 months ago by danthomas
TagsGuitar, Bass, Queen, AC30, Marshall
Description: Bass guitarist wanted to join with our drummer, keyboard player, female singer and guitarist. all adults and all enjoy playing / singing good calssic rock, blues and a little of most other things.
Location: Benfleet
Views: 24
Posted: 4 months ago by boomerrat
TagsBass, guitarist, blues, rock, everything
Description: Punk band based in Derby, looking for a bassist! Influenced by old school punk, garage punk, and raw power rock n roll... Iggy and The Stooges, The Damned, MC5, The Cramps, Dead Boys, Ramones, Johnny Thunders and The Heartbreakers, NY Dolls, Velvet Underground, The Mummies, The Gories, Ty Segall, 1970s Alice Cooper, etc ... Read more
Location: Derby
Views: 42
Posted: 4 months ago by foggynotion
TagsPunk, Punk, Rock, Bass, Garage