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  • Rhodk on Band Mate
Location Llanfyrnach
User Type Musician
Sex Male
Band/Artist Name King Pest
Description poor guitarist into alternative rock, indie, shoegaze. i have some decent kit, can play bass if necessary, and experience acute anxiety regarding playing and performing. however, with the right people this will be a strength as it will infuse the music with some real tension.
Instruments Played
Influences Anything featuring Albini, MBV, Loop, Kowloon Walled City, Harkonen, Helms Alee, Gang Of Four, Joy Division, Idles, Northern Soul, Iggy Pop & The Stooges, bits of Bowie particularly Low, and a host of perfectly wonderful bands that most people have never heard of unless they happen to be part of the Electrical Audio forum.
Equipment List Yamaha AES620 Yamaha AES720 Squier Telecaster Carlsbro TC60 Antoria Jazz Copy Fender BXR300 A Host Of Pedals Most Of Which I Don't Use
Joined 21 Dec 2017
TagsGuitarist, Post-rock, Shoegaze
Contact info No additional contact info provided.
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