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Description: Hello I'm Canadian/British Singer/guitarist composer. Looking to Jam or Join a Band. Playing a 7 string 25 yrs DAW Ableton 15 yrs and now using Reaper last 4 months. Hobbiest novice Audio engineering. Learning as I go. Musical style Tool deftones
Location: Gillingham
Tagsmetal, hard, Rock, vocalist, guitarist
Description: I’m a bass player and guitarist who wants to play with other musicians and start a band or join one.
Location: Fareham
TagsRock, punk, bass, metal, guitarist
Description: hi im tuna and im 19 i play rhythm guitar make songs and sing. also can play some bass and keys. im a creative and cool person tryna find others to make a band with. i like pretty melodies and chords and some heavy fast stuff sometimes my email is [email protected]
Location: Harrow
Tagsgrunge, rock, singer, guitarist, songwriter
Description: I am based in Leeds, UK I am 26 and I've been doing music since the age of 8- My primary instrument is guitar and I also play keys but mainly when im writing. I can also play multiple styles such as Jazz, funk and rock. I am interested in all types of music and don't like to think of genres and labels. If the music is... Read more
Location: Leeds
TagsGuitarist, songwriter, pop, rock, synth
Description: My name is Verity and I'm 16. I live near brighton I play keyboard and guitar and I'm looking to join a band. I love rock/alt rock/punk/ indie music. I like to write my own music, i sometimes struggle with vocal lines and lyrics but I can come up with a new chord progression relatively quickly. On guitar I tend to write j... Read more
Location: Hassocks
Tagsrock, guitarist, keyboard, band, brighton
Description: Currently a 2 piece (vocals/bass & lead) looking to finish our lineup. We were previously in a band together but it didn’t work out and we’d like to give it another try. We’ve got about 8 finished songs, 2 of which have been produced in the studio with more studio time booked for September. All the foundations for... Read more
Location: Leeds
Tagsrock, metal, riffs, guitarist, drummer
Description: I`m 17 and I sing. At the moment I want to write current, pop music to break into the industry. I take inspiration from past and present & I want to mix it up together to create my own contemporary pop diva image. Very willing to learn instruments. Email: [email protected]
Location: London
Tagssinger, songwriter, guitarist, pianist, vocalist
Description: i play anything and everything (genre wise) but i’d be interested in joining an alternative band
Location: Milton Keynes
Description: Lead guitarist with a main influence in blues and classic rock. Have gigging experience with a previous rock band and am willing to try out any styles.
Location: Gravesend
TagsRock, guitarist, lead, blues,
Description: I have begun to form an original band. We are wanting a death metal and a nu metal sound. We are currently looking for a Bassist, Drummer and a Vocalist. Contact me at Instagram under the name andyoutlife
Location: Halifax
TagsRock, Metal, Guitarist,

Here are the 106 results that match your search criteria.

Description: I play bass and guitar and want to start or join a band. I enjoy playing punk/pop punk and also rock,metal, grunge and other related genres.
Location: Fareham
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Posted: 1 week ago by noahw
TagsBass, guitar, punk, rock, guitarist
Description: My name is Daniel, im 15 and play bass. Im looking for a band to join. Preferably an alt rock/indie band, but I like any rock and metal. Im in dundee so any vacancies, let me know, thank you. Daniel
Location: Dundee
Views: 20
Posted: 2 months ago by danielelder05
TagsBass, guitarist,
Description: Alternative rock band currently seeking lead guitarist. We are based in West Sussex/Surrey and are looking for a committed musician to fill our roster for gigging and recording. Right now we are currently writing and aiming to record an EP for release late this year/early 2021 (COVID dependent!). Our influences all stem f... Read more
Location: Crawley
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Posted: 2 months ago by remora
TagsGuitarist, Rock, Rock, Metal, Pop
Description: Looking for people to play/jam with... I like to play a variety of metal. inc. Sabbath, Maiden, Megadeth, Van Halen... to the more recent Killswitch, Tremonti etc.
Location: Warrington
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Posted: 3 months ago by borobob
TagsMetal, Guitarist
Description: Is there anybody around who is dead serious, very good at what they do, and ready to form something special? I am looking for Drummer, Guitarist, Bassist. Are you sick of the state of this country and want to make a bold statement about it? I am thinking something modern but fusing rock, pop and indie.... I am not l... Read more
Location: Stroud
Views: 32
Posted: 3 months ago by anglowolfe
Tagsguitarist, drummer, bassist, rock, indie
Description: New midlands based Black Sabbath covers band (experienced players) looking for guitarist to join. Looking to gig 1 or 2 times a month. No attitudes. Age 25 + email [email protected]
Location: Redditch
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Posted: 3 months ago by slackbabbath
Description: Guitarist available as either a lead or rhythm player. Have previous experience playing lead in a rock band and have suitable equipment to start gigging ASAP. Am willing to give most styles a go.
Location: Gravesend
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Posted: 4 months ago by Tgmason1996
TagsGuitarist, lead, rhythm, rock, blues
Description: 17 year old looking for a band to play the kind of music i like from liverpool have a look at my spotify and see if you like my kind of music and message me if you are
Location: Liverpool
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Posted: 4 months ago by lucasstanley2222
TagsBand, Guitarist,
Description: We are a punk pop band already consisting of a bassist, rhythm guitarist and a lead singer. Looking for a drummer and lead guitarist. Preferably in or around Glasgow, but even if u ain’t, drop me a message in my insta @ryan.thomson02
Location: Helensburgh
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Posted: 7 months ago by ryan
TagsDrummer, guitarist, pop, punk, Scotland
Description: Hello all, We are Simply Motown, a Motown/soul covers band and our guitarist has just had to move away. We are an 8-piece band with horn section and we need 1 guitarist to fill his spot. We are all aged 20-40 and have booked events coming up including pub gigs, festivals, and weddings, and we want to find a great guit... Read more
Location: London
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Posted: 6 months ago by simplymotown
TagsMotown, Soul, Guitar, Guitarist, Covers