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Random Profiles

Description: Experienced guitar player looking for gigging band. Can play a wide variety of styles. Primarily interested in fusion, funk, jazz, blues, rock. Backing/harmony vocals
Location: Hemel Hempstead
Description: DRUMMER
TagsRock, Blues, Jazz
Description: For Jazz vocalist, Sax player. Jazz Standard, Latin music
Location: London
Tagsjazz, latin, bossanova, pubs, parties
Description: I tend to write songs on the guitar, but sometimes I also write soundscapes using Max/MSP, or I create songs using FL Studio.
Location: Southampton
Tagsguitar, musician, available, wanted
Description: We're looking for a bassist for a new 3-piece project. We have written around 8/10 songs for this project since starting it a few months ago and are now looking for a like-minded fellow to get involved to complete the band and start playing live. We're mainly influenced by Husker Du, Dinosaur Jr, Smashing Pumpkins and 90s shoegaze bands etc although we listen to a wide range of genres including drone/experimental, 60s psych, electronica, jazz, black metal etc so are pretty open-minded I suppose you’d say. We’re writing energetic, melodic, euphoric sorta songs and we play loud. Ideally you’ll have a few pedals that suit this kind of music, like chorus/distortion/delay and would like wearing lots of black clothes. Stupid haircuts also gain bonus points. We aim to practice in 3/4 hour slots twice or more a week so you would have to be available to dedicate your time to this. We practice in the Stoke Newington area so you would ideally live nearby or within a sensible distance. We've been recording lately and are working on yet-to-be-finished songs. We have friends that are pro sound engineers/recordists so we've got that side of things covered already, as well as having some decent connections otherwise. We just need a bassist and we're ready to start playing...
Location: London