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Random Profiles

Description: A starting band in need of more members! After our guitarist/singer left us (which was a relief), the two of us are kinda stuck. We need a guitarist, (lead preferably, though it's negotiable) a drummer, and a singer all between the ages of 14 and 17. We are 16, so we figured this is an appropriate boundary. Hit us up for more details!
Location: Suffolk
TagsRock, Pop, Punk, Grunge, Guitarist
Description: Guitarist looking for members to form originals rock band. Been playing guitar for seven years, piano for nine. Will join the right project.
Location: Camborne
Description: Hiya guys my names Ben I am 17 going on 18 years old and have been playing guitar for almost 11 years now. I do not want to metal!!! I would prefer to do genres like Punk and Rock but do mind lighter genre's such as Pop music. If you are interested then PM me and we can arrange a meet :).
Location: West Yorkshire
Description: Hello I'm a Aspiring Guitarist and working on my singing and would like to start a blues band and need a drummer and bassists in the area of Surrey close to Ashford, staines and Sunbury would be easiest for all parties probably please contact 😊
Location: Surrey
TagsBlues, bass, guitar, drummer, Stevie
Description: Female fronted four piece pro covers band based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire.
Location: South Yorkshire
TagsSwansong, Sheffield, rock, blues