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Description: Preliminary demos : Looking for singers to participate in a downtempo / electronica project. Compiling material for an album. Work is non-commercial and aiming to be thought provoking / contemplative. To make people think about the meaning of ... Read more
Location: Bristol
Views: 29
Posted: 4 months ago by kris_rude
Description: I'm looking to start a casual band or music group, and play some music in lighter, mellow styles that aren't really mainstream. If you like Japanese anime-style music, indie pop, indie rock, country, folk, jazz, light rock, and you can sing and/or play a few basic chords on the guitar or piano, contact me! If you have some ... Read more
Location: Manchester
Views: 53
Posted: 6 months ago by LazyAsian
TagsJ-pop, folk, indie, downtempo, jazz