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Description: Singer-songwriter type (vocals and ELECTRIC guitar) looking for creative rhythm types. Mostly want to just get a band together and have fun so personality is a must (because i don't have any). Bunch of original material already written which needs some ballsy bass and drums to flesh it out. Attitude, funk and edge are key word but in an understated, poppy kinda way, NO CLASSIC ROCK ALLOWED (unless it's Marquee Moon). Honesty and attitude a must, a preference for wearing a lot of black is a bonus. Differences in influences can be interesting but you should have at least have heard of The Fall even though i don't sound/write anything like Mark E Smith. I sound a bit more like a slightly weedy Elvis Costello singing vicious love songs in the style of a knock off Johnny Marr. Not got too much experience so if you're a 30 year vet of gigging we probably won't get along. Early to late 20s preferable. Can provide practice space. Influences include; Bowie, The Fall, Elvis Costello, Gang of Four, John Cooper Clarke, The Smiths (is dead), Billy Bragg, Ride, Orange Juice, The Monochrome Set. Lots of postpunk type sh*t.
Location: London
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Posted: 10 years ago by rusholme
TagsBassist, Drummer, Rhythm, Percussion
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