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Musician Available
Description: Electric guitar player, competent to play lead in easy-medium difficulty rock and metal songs, but progressing quickly. Looking to join a band either as support or lead as required, depending on the difficulty of the material.
Location: Leuchars, Saint Andrews, Fife KY16 0JD, UK
Joined: 20th Mar 2014
Active: 3 years ago
Location: Mount Melville Cres, Strathkinness, St Andrews KY16 9XS, UK
Joined: 2nd Oct 2016
Active: 1 year ago
Musician Wanted
Description: Hi there, My name is Jo Little I am from Dunedin, New Zealand but currently living in St Andrews. I have 10 years live experience as an original musician, playing various venues throughout NZ & Australia. I recenlty played a solo gig opening for a touring band at the Reading Rooms in Dundee. I'm looking to form a band or a duo to either collaborate with or to back the music I have already please check out my facebook page and see if my music is something you might be into facebook: jolittlemusic I am influenced by a plethora of different music ranging from Pink Floyd to Chris Stapleton, Etta James to The Cure, David Bowie to Neil Young on and on .....recently I've been listening to: Julia Jacklin, Courtney Barnett, Lucinda Williams, All of Bowie's latest albums (which I love!) yeah so love all kinds of music! If you're interested in getting in touch please tell me about yourself and your experience and whether you have any music or videos online to share also what your musical influences are would be really great too!
Location: High Rd, Strathkinness, St Andrews KY16 9XX, UK
Joined: 28th Oct 2016
Active: 1 year ago

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