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Musician Available
Location: Harrow, Greater London HA1 3TP, UK
Joined: 3rd Oct 2012
Active: 5 years ago
Location: Harrow, Greater London HA1 3TP, Reino Unido
Joined: 15th Oct 2013
Active: 4 years ago
Location: Harrow, Harrow, Greater London HA1 2RD, UK
Joined: 26th Sep 2014
Active: 3 years ago
Location: Sudbury Ct Rd, Harrow HA1 3SH, UK
Joined: 23rd Jul 2016
Active: 1 year ago
Band Wanted
Description: Me and my friend saruna are forming a band, which is more like east meet west. We want to create outside the box creation kinda VK n Metal band. We have create many song with vocal and guitar. We looking for guitar, bass and drummer. Guitar player should have 7 n 6 string guitar, bass well just be creative i don't think u want to be in a band where u play same note all the time. For drummer if u join this project i am sure u will love it. Well i think everyone will have fun if u join this project or band. We love to think outside the box and specially we mix all element of metal and new stuff along with music. After music it comes to image. well you guys can be creative on ur looks and we think about stage as well, but first we have to from band for that. Please if u need any information don't wait this might be the band u want to create but didnt have chance or right person.
Location: Stuart Ave, Harrow, Greater London HA2 9AZ, UK
Joined: 17th May 2016
Active: 1 year ago
Musician Wanted
Description: In search for musicians to form a serious power-pop, punk-pop, punk-rock, funk-rock band in London.
Location: Harrow HA1 3TP, UK
Joined: 4th Nov 2016
Active: 1 year ago
TagsRock, Punk, Funk, Pop, Vocalist
Location: Apsley Cl, Harrow HA2 6AP, UK
Joined: 18th Nov 2016
Active: 1 year ago
Location: Harrow HA1, Regno Unito
Joined: 25th Jan 2017
Active: 10 months ago

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