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  • JuniorBoy17 on Band Mate
Location Greenford
User Type Musician
Sex Male
Band/Artist Name Igor
Description I am a teenager looking to join a band that loves any kind of genre that includes guitar. I love heavy metal all the way to pop. Just ask and ill tell
Instruments Played
Influences Nirvana Foo fighters Black sabbath Metallica Queen Jeff buckley The beatles
Equipment List Small practice amp Roland 15 watts. Chord stratocaster mk.CAL63 (Maybe) new ibanex guitar
Joined 18 May 2017
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TagsRhythm, guitarist, guitarist
Contact info
Description: Me(Igor) and my new band (Republique Of The Dead) are looking for a vocalist and possibly a drummer to complete our line up. Right now we have a bass player, rhythm(Me) and lead guitarist. Our starting drummer has not been up to being part of it anymore (even though we only started). We mainly want to write original music. ... Read more
Location: Greenford
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Posted: 3 years ago by JuniorBoy17
TagsMetal, singer, drummer, vocalist, vocals
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