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Description: I am a drummer in a band in the making, We have me as the drummer ( Been playing for 15 years aged 20) and a lead guitarist( Been playing for . We are very dedicated on getting started so if you're dedicated on joining a band please drop me a message for more details :)
Location: York
TagsMetal', 'Rock', 'Bassest', 'Vocalist', 'Rhythm
Description: Hello I'm Canadian/British Singer/guitarist composer. Looking to Jam or Join a Band. Playing a 7 string 25 yrs DAW Ableton 15 yrs and now using Reaper last 4 months. Hobbiest novice Audio engineering. Learning as I go. Musical style Tool deftones
Location: Gillingham
Tagsmetal, hard, Rock, vocalist, guitarist
Description: Indie/Rock band based in Leeds and York. Due to Covid and other circumstances, we are currently seeking a new singer! We are happy to experiment and try a new sound.
Location: York
Tagsvocalist, rock, indie,
Description: I have recording experience, but haven’t done many gigs, I really love to sing stripped back songs, country and folk suited voice, but quite poppy too.
Location: Southport
TagsSinger, Vocalist, Country, Pop, Lyricist
Description: Hi, I'm a singer/vocalist looking to join a pop or synth-pop/indie rock/indie pop type of band. I've been singing / playing guitar for 13 years and looking to start performing and recording some music with a band. Send me a message if you're in a band looking for a singer and I can link some of my example covers!
Location: London
TagsVocalist, Singer, Looking, For, Band
Description: 19 year old male musician with a speciality in piano/keyboard and rock-style singing. Competent on the guitar and drums - of course, looking to improve skills in all areas. Highly influenced by the Beatles along with more modern artists such as Amber Run, Nirvana and Coldplay. A-Level in Music with plenty of theory kn... Read more
Location: Crewe
TagsIndie, Keys, Singer, Vocalist, Pianist
Description: I`m 17 and I sing. At the moment I want to write current, pop music to break into the industry. I take inspiration from past and present & I want to mix it up together to create my own contemporary pop diva image. Very willing to learn instruments. Email: [email protected]
Location: London
Tagssinger, songwriter, guitarist, pianist, vocalist
Description: Been playing guitar on and off for maybe 10 years. Can do vocals not whilst playing though. Up for starting a band that doesn't keep itself too limited. Allows for some aggression along with calm melodic. But can't have a hint of pop.
Location: Manchester
TagsVocalist, electric, guitar, bass, band
Description: Well travelled ex touring musician who specialises in heavy genres. Looking for an online collaborator to lay down vocals for a recording project.
Location: Kendal
TagsVocalist, metal, hardcore
Description: So I'm a vocalist, interested in hard rock, psychedelic rock genres, post punk, Indie. Love songs from all the great bands and artists which ill drop the names down below. I play guitar, both acoustic and electric. My main strength is in vocals. Find me and dm me on instagram, think that will be easier for us to talk:... Read more
Location: Liverpool
TagsHardrock, Rock, Vocalist, Guitarist, postpunk

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Description: I'm Zack a 17 year old from Stevenage wanting to form a band if anyone is near the area and wants to play or willing to travel in please get in touch DM Me @zacknoblerocknroll on instagram or email me [email protected]
Location: Hertford
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Posted: 3 days ago by zacknoblerocknroll
Tagsrock, Vocalist, Oasis,
Description: We are looking for the final piece of the puzzle; the cog to complete the mechanism in the machine - a vocalist and lyricist. Sleepless echoes is an experimental band that infuses psychedelia across genres ranging from dream pop, to prog rock to extreme metal. As for now we are mostly a studio band, it would be requir... Read more
Location: Burnham-on-Crouch
Views: 9
Posted: 1 week ago by sleeplessechoes
Tagsmetal, prog, rock, vocalist
Description: Hi, I'm a singer/vocalist looking to join a pop or synth-pop/indie rock/indie pop type of band, some of my influences are khalid, the fray, ed sheeran, john mayer, 3 doors down, maroon 5, one republic, justin timberlake, etc. Message me if you're in a band looking for a singer and I can link some of my example covers!
Location: London
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Posted: 1 month ago by oli-r
TagsVocalist, Singer, Looking, For, Band
Description: Prolific songwriter seeks rock/metal vocalist (and if you can write lyrics, great), initially for online collaboration, but who knows what the future holds. When I'm on a roll I can knock out two or three tunes a day, but I can't sing worth a damn so they're always lacking a certain something! For some reason the site wo... Read more
Location: Chester
Views: 35
Posted: 2 months ago by elbiggus
Tagsmetal, punk, vocalist,
Description: have a band that I formed during lockdown and currently looking for a female vocalist (some have shown interest but nothing has been concrete yet) We are blues rock band with varying ages and experience. We are looking for a singer with a mixed range, who has good stage presence (or will have once on stage) Curren... Read more
Location: Ferndown
Views: 25
Posted: 4 months ago by marcbolan
Description: Hey! We're looking for a singer comfortable with complex and interesting arrangements for our 7 piece (including you!) function band. We're a band not quite like any other with a good track record of solid performance and competitive pay. Must be comfortable engaging crowds and really putting on a show. Any level of e... Read more
Location: York
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Posted: 3 months ago by jackradish
TagsVocalist, Singer, York, Function, Paid
Description: Hi, we are currently a band consisting of a drummer, bassist and 2 guitarists. Age ranging from 15-30. We are a committed band with 6 current songs looking to record an album and play live. We need you to be a rock/metal singer who is passionate and committed. Let me know if you are interested! Based in Norfolk
Location: Norwich
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Posted: 4 months ago by techworld_g
TagsRock, Singer, Vocalist, Norwich, HardRock
Description: hi, my name is Lilly and I'm currently at uni studying professional musicianship in vocals. I'm looking for a committed band in which I can show off what I have learnt already on stage. I would love to be part of a rock/ metal band but am open to anything at this point as I just want to be doing something I love again. I'v... Read more
Location: Birmingham
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Posted: 7 months ago by lilly2000
Tagsrock, metal, vocalist, band, aesthetics
Description: Are you a female vocalist? Would you like to record a studio EP with a Bristol-based songwriter? If you’re interested, phone or text Matt on 0779 536 2417
Location: Bristol
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Posted: 8 months ago by mattdickinson88
TagsSinger, Bristol, Vocalist
Description: I am creating my album in my father’s studio and I am looking for someone that sings in rock style – Bon Jovi, Bryan Adams, Nickelback – aged 20 to 30.
Location: London
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Posted: 9 months ago by Nick-Kontis
TagsRock, singer, -, rock, vocalist